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Report a missed bin collection

Find out what to do if you think we've missed your bin collection.

In the event of your brown bin not being emptied or partially emptied due to the adverse weather conditions please leave your bin out and we willl return to empty your bin.

A new charge for missed bins will take effect from 27 September 2021. View the missed bin charge FAQ.

Before you start

Check our bin collection calendar to make sure your bin went out on the correct day.

Possible reasons your bin wasn't collected

Bin not out on time

Bins will be collected from 5.45am. Please ensure your bin is out before this time, ideally put your bin out the night before.

Bin not placed at kerbside/normal collection point

Unless an Assisted Collection (permit) has been approved, you are required to present your bins for collection at the kerbside or an arranged collection point.

Contaminated items

Please ensure you have disposed of rubbish in the correct recycling bin. Check what goes in your bins.

Bin too heavy

There is a risk of damaging the bin when emptying if it is too heavy. Do not overfill and ensure the lid closes.

More than one bin presented

Green bins: You must qualify for a second bin before it will be picked up.

Other bins: Households are limited to a maximum of two bins of any colour.

Bin lid open

If the bin lid cannot close due to excess waste then the bin may be damaged during tipping. Please ensure you remove excess waste and close bin properly. Crew will not put their hands in bins to remove waste.

Not an approved bin

Waste will not be collected unless it is in a South Ayrshire Council bin. Please ensure you place waste in correct bin.

A bungee cord/rope or string has been tied to the bin to hold the lid closed

Due to a health and safety issue residents must remove any items such as bungee cord, rope or string used to keep the lid closed on collection day.  If the item is not removed from the bin our crew will be unable to empty the bin.

Missed Bin Form

Use this service to tell us that we didn't pick up your bin on its collection day.

Report a missed bin collection

Report a Missed Brown Bin

From the 15th July 2024 only those residents that have paid for a Garden Waste Permit will have their brown bin emptied by our collection crews.  If you wish to purchase a garden waste permit OR you have already paid for the service and wish to report a missed collection please select the link below:

Garden Waste Permits - South Ayrshire Council (

For alternative ways to contact us click the link below

Customer Services - South Ayrshire Council (