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Cabinet - 12 March 2024

Cabinet agenda and associated papers for the meeting on 12 March 2024


  • Chair - Councillor Dowey
  • Councillor Connolly
  • Councillor Clark
  • Councillor Davis
  • Councillor Ferry
  • Councillor Kilbride
  • Councillor Lyons
  • Councillor Pollock
  • Councillor Shields

Notice of meeting

Agenda (PDF) [34KB]


1.       Declarations of Interest.

2a.       Minutes of previous meeting of 14 February 2024

item 2a - minutes (PDF) [112KB]

Item to be considered in private:-

2(b)    Call-in from the Cabinet of 14 February 2024, having been considered at the Audit and Governance Panel of 22 February         2024 (draft minute excerpt of the Audit and Governance Panel of 22 February 2024 herewith).

item 2b - minute excerpt (PDF) [32KB]

3.       Decision Log -

(a)       Overdue Actions- none;

(b)      Actions Listed with Revised Dates - for approval; and

item 3b - log (PDF) [118KB]

(c)           Recently Completed Actions.

item 3c - Log (PDF) [185KB]

Economic Development.  

4a  Ayr Town Centre Framework 

item 4a - Ayr Town Centre Framework (PDF) [13MB]

4b Girvan Draft Conservation Area Appraisal 

item 4b - Girvan Draft Conservation Area Appraisal (PDF) [3MB]

4c Business Relief Programme - 2024 Funding Proposals

item 4c - Business Relief Programme (PDF) [33KB]

Finance, HR and ICT. 

5a Budget Management - Revenue Budgetary Control 2023/24 - Position at 31 December 2023 

item 5a - Budget Management (PDF) [342KB]

5b Financial Inclusion Projects 2024/25 and 2025/26

item 5b - Financial Inclusion Projects (PDF) [105KB]

5c Treasury Management and Investment Strategy Quarter 3 Report 2023/24

item 5c - Treasury Management (PDF) [322KB]

Buildings, Housing and Environment. 

6a Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 - Licensing of Sexual Entertainment Venues

item 6a - Civic Government (Scotland) Act (PDF) [83KB]

6b Revised Fleet, Travel and Transport Policy 2024

item 6b - Revised Fleet, Travel and Transport Policy (PDF) [2MB]

6c MVF Watchful, South Harbour Street, Ayr - Common Good Consultation

item 6c - MVF Watchful (PDF) [378KB]

Meeting Papers

agenda and reports - revised (PDF) [20MB]

Meeting recording

The recording of this meeting can be viewed on our Webcasting channel.


Cabinet Minute of 12th March 2024 (PDF) [158KB]