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Reuse of information

Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015

The Re-Use of Public Sector Information Regulations are intended to encourage and make it easier to re-use information produced by public organisations. Under these Regulations the Council looks at the information it holds and whether it can be re-used.

What is meant by re-use?

Re-use means the use of information for any purpose other than that for which it was originally produced. For example, this would mean an individual, company or other organisation taking information that we have produced and re-publishing it or using it to produce a new resource.

What is public sector information

Public sector information is any information which is produced, held or distributed by a public sector body as part of its 'public tasks'. This information can be in any format and includes documents such as reports, financial data, codes of practice, public records, statistics, images, press releases, publication schemes and information which the Council holds copyright to.


Information for which the Council holds the copyright may be released under access to information legislation but this does not automatically imply permission to reproduce it. Information released can be used for private purposes, but must not be used for commercial purposes unless you have advised you wish to re-use it. The Council must ensure the conditions for the re-use are clear and in keeping with the Council's copyright. Please note - these regulations do not affect the Council's copyright.

Information we can't release

Some information cannot be released under the regulations:

Apply for Re-Use

You must submit your request in writing and include:

  • Information you wish to re-use
  • Name and correspondence address
  • Purpose the information is intended to be used for

Our Re-use Regulations application form can be used to make your request.

All requests should be made to:

Freedom of Information
South Ayrshire Council
County Buildings, Wellington Square

What happens after you make a request

We will respond within 20 working days unless an extension is required due to the extensive quantity or complexity of the information requested.

The information is collated and a decision will be made regarding the following:

  • If the information can be released
  • If the information can be re-used
  • If a licence for re-use is required
  • If a charge applies

The Council will advise you of the above together with conditions for re-use and any fee that may apply. This must be paid before the information will be released. The information will be made available in an electronic format where possible.

Licence and Cost

Information available through the Council's Open Data Web Page offered under the Open Government Licence. The Open Government Licence allows re-use of information without charge for any purpose with minimal conditions. Information provided under other licences may be chargeable.

Any costs will be levied based on a reasonable rate of return for the re-use of the information. We will keep you informed of costs at the time of the application. Additional charges may be made for costs of reproduction, provision and dissemination of documents. Unlike FOI and EIRs there are no fixed fee limits. Charges are determined on case-by-case basis, and will take into account:

  • The Council's intellectual property (i.e. its commercial value)
  • Staff time
  • Disbursements (i.e. postage and packaging)

Re-using information

When re-using the information you must acknowledge South Ayrshire Council.

You must not use the information for any illegal purposes or in a way which is harmful to the purpose for which it was originally created.


If you are dissatisfied with the way your request to re-use information has been handled, you can make a complaint. The complaints procedure under the Regulations works in the same way as the complaints procedure for FOI and EIRs. Please refer to the Council's Corporate Complaints Procedure.

The Government Department that oversees Public Sector Information (PSI) is the Office for Public Sector Information (OPSI). If you are not satisfied with the Council's response to your complaint, you can complain direct to the OPSI.

Further details on making a complaint to the OPSI is available at: OPSI Complaints Procedure.

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