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Cabinet - 29 November 2022

Cabinet agenda and associated papers for the meeting on 29 November 2022


  • Chair - Councillor Dowey
  • Councillor Connolly
  • Councillor Clark
  • Councillor Davis
  • Councillor Ferry
  • Councillor Kilbride
  • Councillor Lyons
  • Councillor Pollock

Notice of meeting

Agenda for meeting of Cabinet on 29 November 2022 (PDF) [35KB]


1. Declarations of Interest. 

2. Minutes of previous meetings of 1 November 2022.

item 2 minutes (PDF) [61KB]


3. Decision Log -  

(a|)   Overdue Actions- none; 

(b) Actions Listed with Revised Dates - for approval; and 

item 3b - overdue actions (PDF) [165KB]

(c) Recently Completed Actions. 

item 3c completed actions (PDF) [126KB]

4. Education. 

(a) Update on Pupil Equity Fund and Scottish Attainment Challenge 

item 4a Pupil Equity Fund (PDF) [244KB]

5. Education/ Finance, HR and ICT. 

(a) Scottish Child Payment - Doubling of December 2022 Bridging Payment 

item 5a Scottish Child Payment (PDF) [65KB]

6. Buildings, Housing and Environment. 

(a) Annual Climate Change Duty Report 2021-22 

item 6a Annual Climate Change (PDF) [448KB]

(b) Strategic Housing Investment Plan (SHIP) - 2023/24 to 2027/28 

item 6b Strategic Housing Investment Plan (PDF) [2MB]

7. Tourism, Culture and Rural Affairs. 

(a) Ayr Gaiety Partnership Funding Request 

item 7a Ayr Gaiety (PDF) [851KB]


8. Corporate and Strategic. 

(a) Lighting of Wallace Tower/Flag Flying 

item 8a Lighting of Wallace Tower (PDF) [174KB]

9. Finance, HR and ICT. 

(a) Budget Management - Revenue Budgetary Control 2022/23 - Position at 30 September 2022 

item 9a Budget Management (PDF) [474KB]

(b) General Services Capital Programme 2022/23: Monitoring Report as 30 September 2022

item 9b General Services Capital Programme (PDF) [308KB]

(c) Review of the General Services Reserves

  item 9c General Services Reserves (PDF) [202KB]

(d) ICT Data Centre - Hosting and Delivery Model 

item 9d ICT Data Centre (PDF) [91KB]

(e) ICT Support and Maintenance Contracts 

item 9e ICT Support and Maintenance Contracts (PDF) [119KB]

(f) Medium Term Financial Plan Update 

item 9f Medium Term Financial Plan Update (PDF) [305KB]

(g) 2022-25 Council Workforce Plan 

item 9g Council Workforce Plan (PDF) [1MB]

10. Finance, HR and ICT/Buildings, Housing and Environment. 

(a) Housing Capital Programme 2022/23: Monitoring Report as at 30 September 2022

item 10a Housing Capital Programme (PDF) [190KB]

11. Buildings, Housing and Environment. 

(a) Proposed Purchase of Industrial Premise, Ayr  - Members only

12. Consideration of Disclosure of the above confidential report.

Item A.        Tourism, Culture and Rural Affairs.

(a)         Call-ins relating to Proposal to Deliver an Airshow in September 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2027. (see"Agenda with additional item" below for the papers).


Meeting Papers

Agenda and Reports for the Cabinet on 29 November 2022 (PDF) [5MB]

Agenda with additional item

Agenda and additional item (PDF) [333KB]

Meeting recording

The recording of this meeting can be viewed on our Webcasting channel.


Cabinet Min 291112 (PDF) [167KB]