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South Ayrshire Council - 13 October 2022

South Ayrshire Council - 13 October 2022

Notice of meeting

Agenda for meeting of South Ayrshire Council of 13 October 2022 (PDF) [298KB]


1.       Provost.

2.       Sederunt and Declarations of Interest.

3.       Minutes of meetings of the Council and Panels.

          (a)     Minutes of previous meeting.

                   Submit for approval as correct records and authorise to be signed:-

                   (i)      Minutes of 29 June 2022 (PDF) [234KB] ; and

                   (ii)      Minutes of 9 September 2022 (Special) (PDF) [139KB]

                   (copies herewith).


          (b)     Minutes of Panels.

                   The minutes (copies previously issued) of the undernoted meetings are for noting:-

                   (i)      Audit and Governance Panel of 22 June, 28 June (Special) and 7 September 2022.

                   (ii)      Cabinet of 14 June, 30 August and 9 September 2022 (Special).


                            In accordance with the Scheme of Delegation and Standing Orders for Meetings, the recommendations in the minutes as contained in the 'C' paragraphs have been referred to the Council for decision: -


·       Minutes of 30 August 2022 - "Treasury Management Annual Report 2021/22"

·       Minutes of 30 August 2022 - "Representation on Convention of Scottish Local Authorities"; and

·       Minutes of 30 August 2022 - "Mileage Expenses".


( copies of minute excerpts (PDF) [29KB] ).


                   (iii)     Chief Officers Appointments/Appraisal Panel of 1 July, 28 July and 9 September 2022.

                   (iv)     Local Review Body of 21 June.

                   (v)     Partnerships Panel of 28 June 2022.

                   (vi)     Regulatory Panel - Licensing of 16 June and 1 September 2022.

                   (vii)    Regulatory Panel - Planning of 23 June.

                   (viii)   Service and Performance Panel of 22 June and 23 August 2022.


4.       Representation on Outside Bodies (PDF) [84KB] - Submit report by Head of Legal and Regulatory Services (copy herewith).

5.       Scheme of Delegation (PDF) [595KB] - Submit report by Head of Legal and Regulatory Services (copy herewith).

6.        Revision to Scheme of Delegation for Planning (PDF) [177KB] - Submit report by Assistant Director - Place (copy herewith).

7.        New Leisure Centre Project (PDF) [133KB] - Submit report by Assistant Director - Place (copy herewith).

8.       Notice of Motion from Councillor Laura Brennan-Whitefield, seconded by Councillor Brian Connolly:-


          "We are currently living in a cost-of-living crisis, with energy costs becoming an increasing concern for many members of our community. For some of our most vulnerable members of society they have no choice but to accept prepayment meters which are often imposed and are often more expensive than other options such as a direct debit or simply playing for the energy you use as the average standing charges are higher.


          South Ayrshire Council requests that the chief executive writes to the energy regulator Ofgem to request that this issue is looked at urgently and that prices for prepayment meters are brought into line with other payment options so that those who are most economically vulnerable are not paying more for basic utilities."


9.       Formal Questions.

Formal Questions (PDF) [65KB]

Meeting recording

The recording of this meeting can be viewed on our Webcasting channel.


Minute of 131022 (PDF) [122KB]