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What can I do?

What do I do if I have a problem with my neighbour?

Talk to your neighbour

In many cases it may be possible to solve the problem with your neighbour by discussing the matter with them. Even if it is obvious to you, your neighbour may not realise how their actions are affecting you.

Often a friendly word from you will be enough to sort things out. However, think about what you want to say to your neighbour before you approach them.

Think about how it affects you and what results you want to get from any discussions with your neighbour. It may even help to talk the problem over beforehand with someone else who isn't involved. Also, bear in mind that you may be being unreasonable in what you expect from your neighbours. You should always be prepared to compromise.

If your neighbour is being unreasonable, just walk away. If your neighbour threatens you or you think you are in danger, contact the police. If things don't improve or if it is not appropriate to approach your neighbour, contact your area housing office.

What happens if I have already spoken to my neighbour or I don't feel comfortable about talking to them ?

Contact your Housing Assistant who will arrange to talk to you in confidence, about the situation. Put your evidence in writing, including any notes you may have made on a piece of paper at the time of any incident. If you can't write down the complaint, the Housing Assistant will take a statement and ask you to sign it. The Housing Officer will carry out further investigation and may offer mediation where appropriate.

The Council's mediation services is free and confidential and helps neighbours who are having disputes to sort out their differences in a friendly manner. This is available to everyone in South Ayrshire, and can be very effective when used early on in the dispute and therefore we encourage members of the public to contact the Mediation Team. Mediation is suitable for a range of neighbourhood disputes. For further information on this service contact Community Safety Partnership Mediation Service.