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Information for older vulnerable consumers

We are working together with Angus Council and East Renfrewshire Council to develop and evaluate a preventative approach to protect people living with dementia or cognitive impairment from financial scams, so that they can better maintain their confidence and ability to continue living independently at home.

People living with dementia are at greater risk of falling prey to scammers and carers are often very worried about how to prevent their relative becoming a victim of a scam, particularly in the early stages of dementia when a person still has capacity but may not always have sufficient understanding to exercise good judgement.

The aim of this project is to offer people with dementia or cognitive impairment an individualised, person-centred package to safeguard them from financial exploitation, on the doorstep, by telephone, by mail or online. The project also aims to make them feel safe and protected from harm, and to reduce the current rate of financial loss and personal harm experienced as a result of scams.

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Telephone Scams/Nuisance calls

  • TrueCall We can provide a free call blocker for anyone living with dementia or cognitive impairment. We also have a limited number of free call blockers for people living with long-term conditions which are exacerbated by nuisance/scam calls.
  • Ofcom Easy Read How to get fewer phone calls you do not want;

Doorstep Crime (Bogus/Rogue Traders)

We can provide free no cold calling stickers which should be displayed prominently on your property to deter doorstep callers.

Mail Scams

General Scam info

South Ayrshire Specific Services

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