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Tax code and wages

Check your tax code

Your tax code is shown on your wage slip, check if this is correct on the HMRC website.  If it is incorrect you could be paying too much tax.  You will need to create a Government Gateway account to do this but you can also query your tax code if you believe it is incorrect once you have set it up. 

Check if you can pay less tax or claim tax relief

If you are married, in a civil partnership or registered blind you may be able to reduce the tax you pay by increasing your personal allowance (the amount you are allowed to earn before being taxed). 

Marriage Tax Allowance

Blind Person's Allowance

You can also claim tax relief on work related expenses and on charity donations/child maintenance payments - go to to find out more.

Check your wages are correct

Living in Scotland you are entitled to the national minimum wage. provide a free checker tool so you can check you are receiving this. 

If your employer is not paying you the national minimum wage call us for advice.