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Placemaking in South Ayrshire

Where we spend our time has a significant effect on our lives and well-being. How we define where we live, the pride we take in our surroundings and our sense of community is at the heart of what makes a 'place' work for us. By improving the quality of our places, and the opportunities within these, we can help to tackle inequalities.

It's important for us to understand both the existing, and potential, strengths of our places. This can help us to make good decisions and allow us to target resources where they are needed most.

We have committed to working with communities to improve 'placemaking' across South Ayrshire. Through our Thriving Places project, we aim to support our communities to identify local issues and develop plans to address these, ensuring our places are something we can all be proud of.

Together with our communities, we are developing new plans that will highlight key issues and identify the actions that need to happen to address these.

In order for this new approach to placemaking to be successful, it's essential that our local communities are at the heart of the preparation of the plans. Placemaking is for everyone with an interest in a local area, and will be delivered by the community, council and partner organisations.

We have piloted this new approach in Ayr North and Girvan. Community Conversations were held in 2019 and 2020 to confirm the community's priorities in these areas. These conversations have informed a Place Plan for each location that highlight local priorities and actions for change.  The final place plans, can be found at the links below.

We are currently inviting views and ideas for the communities in South Carrickin advance of Place Plans covering the villages.  If you live or work in South Carrick please click on the relevant link below to provide your comments by 24th December 2021.

We are also now inviting those who live or work in the villages of Monkton, Symington, Coylton, Loans and Craigiefor their views and ideas in advance of Place Plans for these areas.  Please click on the relevant link below to provide comments by 4th February 2022.

Lastly, those who live or work in Prestwick, Heathfield and Northfield are also invited to provide views and ideas in advance of a Place Plan for the town being developed in 2022.  Please click on the link for Prestwick, Heathfield and Northfield below and provide comments by 31st January 2022.

South Ayrshire's Place Plans