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Register a civil partnership

Find out how to register a civil partnership.

Before you start

You must give at least 29 days' notice for a civil partnership.

The earliest you can submit the form is 3 months before your partnership ceremony.

These should be submitted by post or delivered in person to the Town Hall letterbox. Please ensure correct postage for your envelope size and weight.

Office appointments are also available on Thursdays if you prefer to submit your notice in person.  Please call the office on 01292 617617 to arrange.'

Download a CP10 application form (PDF) [232KB]
Witness Information Form (PDF) [62KB]

All required forms for registering a civil partnership can be found at the National Records of Scotland website.

Who can register a civil partnership?

Both partners must be:

  • at least 16 years old when you register the civil partnership
  • not be related to each other in a way which prevents a civil partnership
  • unmarried or not already registered in a civil partnership

How to register

Contact the Registrars team

What happens next

You'll be given an appointment in which you need to bring along original documents. A list of the documents you'll need to bring is below.

If any documents are not in English, you must provide a certified translation. We don't accept copies. 

For each partner

  • Completed CP10 forms
  • Birth certificates
  • Passport
  • Proof of home address.

You also need to give names and address of 2 witnesses who are at least 16 years old.

If you've been married before

  • Legal documents to prove any previous marriage or civil partnership has ended. For example, decree absolute document
  • Death certificate if your previous spouse or partner has died

Immigration control

If you're subject to immigration control, we may ask for additional documents. We'll let you know this when you contact us.