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As part of South Ayrshire Council's commitment to improve parental engagement, we are partnering with the Scottish Governments' Improvement Service to pilot to South Ayrshire Council schools.


If you have a child/children at the following pilot schools you will be able to sign up and join from 26 February 2024.

  • Ayr Academy
  • Belmont Academy
  • Carrick Academy
  • Kyle Academy
  • Girvan Academy
  • Marr College
  • Prestwick Academy
  • Queen Margaret Academy
  • Heathfield Primary School
  • Kingcase Primary School
  • Monkton Primary School
  • Symington Primary School

Following the pilot phase will be rolled out to all South Ayrshire schools over the course of the 2024/25 school year.

Phase 2 launch 

If you have a child/children at the following schools you will be able to sign up and join from 29 April  2024.

  • Alloway Primary School 
  • Annbank Primary School
  • Braehead Primary School
  • Coylton Primary School
  • Dalmilling Primary School
  • Doonfoot Primary School
  • Holmston Primary School
  • Kincaidston Primary School
  • Newton Primary School
  • Southcraig School
  • Tarbolton Primary School

Enabling & creating digital relationships between parents/carers, pupils and schools

The traditional school bag run has been used to facilitate communication between parents and schools for generations. Permission slips, school lunch payments, reports; until recently, they were all dealt with via paper forms, which were easily lost or forgotten about in the bottom of school bags.

However, there is now a digital solution to this issue, making it easier for parents and carers to manage paperwork connected with school activities, and to obtain information about their child's educational progress at a time that suits them.

South Ayrshire Council is one of a number of local authorities in Scotland to sign up to a digital platform called, allowing parents to view information about their child's education, pay for school meals, update their own data and even to apply for the Young Person's Free Bus Travel Scheme in just a few clicks. was jointly developed by the Improvement Service (IS) and SEEMiS, the education information management provider. You log in to the service using the myaccount system which links each parent or carer to their child and education while also keeping data private and secure.

Parents/carers can keep up to date with developments at their child's school, arrange parents' evening appointments, check attendance, and even read reports online - all at a time that suits.

1.  What is is a digital approach to sharing information with parents/carers. It replaces the traditional school bag run. improves the way schools engage with parents/carers and pupils.

An Introduction to







2.  How does it work? allows parents/carers to say goodbye to the schoolbag run, complete the annual data check, report absences,see report cards, respond to permission slips, make school payments and much more.

This can all be done in one central place with a single sign-on via the myaccount service. The myaccount system links each parent/carer to their child and education while also keeping data private and secure.

You can find out more about myaccount by going to  

If you have previously signed up to Parents Pay you will have an existing myaccount and can use your log in details to sign up to parentsportal.

3.  Who can use is available to access for parents/carers with children in Primary 1 - Secondary 6 year and are the confirmed contact for their child. Confirmed contacts will already receive email communication from the school and complete the annual data check forms.

If your child is starting primary 1 - your school will let you know how and when you can set up myaccount. lets you update your own details as well as your linked child's details at any time. When you sign up to you will be able to link to your child and gain access to the services. 

To link to your child the data you provide during the sign-up process must match the data that the school holds. 

4. FAQ's

5. How do you access parentsportal?

To access parentsportal from the 26 February go to:

6.  Privacy Policies

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