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Local Review Body - 25 June 2024

Local Review Body agenda and associated papers for the meeting on 25 June 2024


  • Chair - Councillor Bell
  • Councillor Cavana
  • Councillor Clark
  • Councillor Dixon
  • Councillor Kilbride
  • Councillor Lamont 
  • Councillor Kilpatrick
  • Councillor Mackay
  • Councillor Townson

Notice of meeting

Agenda for LRB of 25 June 2024 (PDF) [158KB]


1.          Declarations of Interest.


2.         Item 2 Minutes of the Previous meetings of 30 April 2024 (PDF) [111KB]  Minutes of the Previous meetings of 30 April 2024 (copy herewith). 


3.        Item 3 New Case for Review - 24/00070/APP (PDF) [3MB]  New Case for Review - 24/00070/APP - Application for Alterations and Extension to a Dwellinghouse at 22 Gailes Road, Troon, South Ayrshire, KA10 6TA


4.        Item 4 New Case for Review - 24/00031/APP (PDF) [22MB]  New Case for Review - 24/00031/APP - Application for the Erection of a Dwellinghouse at site of Locks ups on Sandfield Road, Prestwick, South Ayrshire, KA9 


Meeting papers

Combined File (PDF) [11MB]

Meeting recording

The recording of this meeting will be available in due course on conclusion of meeting.

Minute - To Follow.