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South Ayrshire Council - 21st June 2024

South Ayrshire Council - 21st June 2024

Notice of meeting

South Ayrshire Council Agenda (PDF) [62KB]


1.       Provost.

2.       Sederunt and Declarations of Interest.

3.       Minutes of meetings of the Council and Panels.

          (a)     Minutes of previous meetings.

                   Submit for approval as a correct record and authorise to be signed:-

                    (i)     Agenda Item 3a(i) minutes of previous meeting of 29 February 2024 (PDF) [114KB] 29 February 2024 (Special); and

                   (ii)      Agenda Item No 3a(ii) minutes of previous meeting of 6 March 2024 (PDF) [135KB] 6 March 2024

                            (copies herewith).

          (b)     Minutes of Panels.

                   The minutes (copies previously issued) of the undernoted meetings are for noting:-

                   (i)      Audit and Governance Panel of 22 February 2024 and 20 March 2024.

                   (ii)      Cabinet of 14 February 2024, 12 March 2024 and 23 April 2024

                   (iii)     Chief Officers Appointments/Appraisal Panel of 17 October 2023, 9 November 2023 and 17 April 2024.

                   (iv)     Local Review Body of 20 February 2024and 19 March 2024

                   (v)     Regulatory Panel - Licensing of 15 February 2024, 14 March 2024 and 25 April 2024.

                   (vi)     Regulatory Panel - Planning of 28 February 2024, 22 March 2024, 28 March 2024, 30 April 2024 and 9 May 2024.

                   (vii)    Service and Partnerships Performance Panel of 9 January 2024, 5 March 2024, 16 April 2024 and 14 May 2024.

                   (viii)   Ayrshire Shared Services Joint Committee of 9 June 2023, 1 September 2023, 1 December 2023 and 1 March 2024


4.       Agenda Item 4 Schedule of Meetings (PDF) [171KB] Schedule of Meetings - Submit report by Chief Governance Officer (copy herewith).

5.       Agenda Item 5 Audit and Governance Panel - 2023/24 Annual Report (PDF) [194KB] Audit and Governance Panel - 2023/24 Annual Report - Submit joint report by Chief Financial Officer and Chief Governance Officer (copy herewith).

6.       Agenda Item 6 Financial Regulations Review (PDF) [426KB] Financial Regulations Review - Submit report by Chief Financial Officer (copy herewith).

7.       Notice of Motion

          (a)     Moved by Councillor Chris Cullen, seconded by Councillor Hugh Hunter:

                   "After over 30 years of success the historical Ayr Holy Fair was dropped from the Council's events programme with no consultation having taken place with elected members or the general public. What was a renowned traditional family event that attracted thousands to the town, has been unceremoniously dropped.

While the longstanding event may have been replaced by the Summer Family Festival, this in no way conveys the history and tradition of the event. Council requests the Chief Executive to reverse the name change and bring back the historic Holy Fair to the Low Green for future years."

          (b)     Moved by Councillor Chris Cullen, seconded by Councillor Duncan Townson:

"Brown bin charge reversal - since the passing of the budget the lack of public support for this taxation has been widespread throughout all local media channels and my own inbox. This motion calls for Council to request that the Chief Executive bring forward one or more replacement saving proposals to Council in October in order to scrap the previously approved brown bin charges savings proposal going forward."

          (c)     Moved by Councillor Chris Cullen, seconded by Councillor William Grant:

"The A77 runs alongside and through 7 out of South Ayrshire's 8 wards. Each of these wards experience different consequences from issues both rural and urban, relating to this Major Arterial Route. Currently there is an A75/A77 Lobbying Action Group which is attended at present by two administration councillors.

This motion calls on Council to adjust the South Ayrshire Council membership in the A75/A77 Lobbying Action Group to allow cross party representation to reflect the concerns of the various wards along the A77 route. This is in addition to Councillors Pollock and Clark who already represent SAC."

8.       Formal Questions and Responses (PDF) [38KB] .

9.       Affordable Housing Proposals, Riverside Place, Ayr - Submit report by Director of Housing, Operations and Development (Members Only).

10.     Consideration of Disclosure of the above Confidential Report.


Meeting papers

South Ayrshire Council Combined File - 21st June 2024 (PDF) [870KB]

Meeting recording

The recording of this meeting can be viewed on our Webcasting channel.

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