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Cabinet - 21 May 2024

Cabinet agenda and associated papers for the meeting on 21 May 2024


  • Chair - Councillor Dowey
  • Councillor Connolly
  • Councillor Clark
  • Councillor Davis
  • Councillor Ferry
  • Councillor Kilbride
  • Councillor Lyons
  • Councillor Pollock
  • Councillor Shields

Notice of meeting

agenda (PDF) [32KB]


1.       Declarations of Interest.

2.       Minutes of previous meeting of 23 April 2024

item 2 minutes (PDF) [106KB]

3.       Decision Log -

(a)       Overdue Actions- none;

(b)      Actions Listed with Revised Dates - for approval; and

item 3b revised due dates (PDF) [160KB]

(c)           Recently Completed Actions.

item 3c completed actions (PDF) [136KB]

4.     Corporate and Strategic.

(a)       Local Outcome Improvement Plan 2024-2029 

item 4a Local Outcome Improvement Plan (PDF) [7MB]

5.      Corporate and Strategic/ Buildings Housing and Environment.

(a)        Approvals under Delegated Authority during Period of Recess #

item 5a Approvals under Delegated Authority (PDF) [166KB]

6.     Health and Social Care.

(a)        Summary of Inspection Findings for Adult Services 2023 

item 6a Summary of Inspection Findings (PDF) [154KB]

7.      Buildings, Housing and Environment.

(a)       Sale of Former St Cuthberts Primary School, Maybole (members only)

(b)       15-17 Sandgate, Ayr (members only)

8.    Economic Development/Finance, HR and ICT.

(a)       Regeneration Build Programme (members only)

9.   Consideration of Disclosure of the above confidential reports.


Meeting Papers

agenda and reports for the meeting (PDF) [8MB]

Meeting recording

The recording of this meeting can be viewed on our Webcasting channel.

Minute - draft until approved at the next meeting.

Draft Minute (PDF) [71KB]