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Temporary gym to open in Girvan Community Centre


South Carrick Community Leisure (SCCL) has been granted permission by South Ayrshire Council to set up a temporary gym in Girvan Community Centre.

The Council agreed that SCCL can begin to move their gym equipment into the ground floor of the centre from The Quay Zone building, which was closed earlier this year due to storm damage. The Council will then work with SCCL to open the gym as quickly as possible.

The Council has been in contact with current users of Girvan Community Centre to offer them alternative venues for their activities while the gym is in place.

The agreement with SCCL follows an earlier collaboration with the Council which saw the reopening of the old swimming in Maybole to members of The Quay Zone.

Since the closure of The Quay Zone, work has been taking place at the building to protect equipment and replace the roof. The building is now weathertight, and steps are being taken to dry out the interior and assess the extent of repair work required.

Councillor Alec Clark, Tourism, Culture and Rural Affairs Portfolio Holder for South Ayrshire Council said: "I`m delighted to see that members of The Quay Zone will be able to access the gymnasium once again at its new location in Girvan Community Centre.

"This has been a community effort where groups have relocated to other locations for the short-term to allow the business of The Quay Zone to function until the actual building is reconstructed. This is really appreciated.

"There has been a strong partnership between the Council, SCCL and the community with everyone pulling out all the stops to make sure that this important facility for Girvan can be restored. The town has a vibrant community and together we can achieve an outcome to benefit the whole of Girvan and South Carrick."

Councillor Brian Connolly, Sport and Leisure Portfolio Holder said: "A lot of work has been taking place behind the scenes to prepare the way for this temporary move. Other buildings were considered, but the community centre ticked lots of boxes. There are still some issues to be addressed before the equipment can be moved, however we have a plan, and we will keep pushing to get everything in place as quickly as possible."

Councillor Martin Kilbride, Buildings, Housing and Environment Portfolio Holder for South Ayrshire Council said: "The new roof at The Quay Zone is in place, which is great, but this is just the first step. There is significant water damage inside the building, and many of the internal fixtures and fittings will need to be replaced."

Allan Rattray, Chairperson of South Carrick Community Leisure said: "We are grateful to South Ayrshire Council for the support to re-open the Maybole Swimming Pool and now for the assistance to once again provide gym facilities for our members and supporters here in Girvan. Gym membership is important to hundreds of people throughout South Carrick and we look forward to welcoming them to the Dalrymple Street venue as soon as practical arrangements can be put in place."

SCCL will be in contact with their members in advance of the gym opening.