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Community Planning Partnerships Board - 26 October 2023

Community Planning Partnerships Board agenda and associated papers for the meeting on 26 October 2023

Notice of meeting

Community Planning Board Agenda - 26th October 2023 (PDF) [36KB]



There will be no workshop session today due to the number of agenda items.



1          Welcome  

2          Declarations of Interest

3          Apologies

4          Minutes of the Meeting of 24th August 2023. Previous Minutes - meeting of 24th August 2023 (PDF) [71KB]


5          (a)       Strategic Delivery Partnership Update

1.  Agenda Item No 5a Children Services (PDF) [17MB] Childrens Services Planning Partnerships (Including Children's Service's Annual Report 2022/2023 and Children and Young People's Service Plan 2023-2026) 

2.    Agenda Item No 5a(2) Community Safety (PDF) [131KB] Community Safety

3.    Agenda Item No 5a(3) Financial Inclusion and Growth (PDF) [166KB] Financial Inclusion and Growth (Including verbal update on Child Poverty Workshop held on 25th October)

4.    Agenda Item No 5a(4) Population Health (PDF) [113KB] Population Health 

5.    Agenda Item No 5(5) Sustainability (PDF) [109KB] Sustainability 


5          (b)        Community Planning Engagement Group Agenda Item No 5b Community Planning Board Engagement Group (PDF) [81KB]


6          Local Outcomes Improvement Plan Annual Progress Report 2023 Agenda Item No 6 report and appendix (PDF) [18MB]

Report by Service Lead: Policy, Performance and Community Planning, South Ayrshire Council


7          Local Planning Partnerships: Terms of Reference and changes to Ayr /North/South Locality Boundaries Agenda Item No 7 (PDF) [1MB]

Report by  Partnership Facilitator, South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership 


8          Third Sector Interface Update: Voluntary Action South Ayrshire 

Verbal Update by Chief Executive Officer, Voluntary Action South Ayrshire 


9          Ageing Well Strategy 

Verbal Update by Chair of the Ageing Well Board 


10        ADP Strategy  Agenda Item No 10 Report and Appendix (PDF) [11MB]

Report by ADP Lead Officer, South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership


11        For Information: Community Justice Ayrshire Partnership Annual Outcomes Activity Return (2022/2023)  Agenda Item No 11 Report and Appendix (PDF) [1MB]


12        Any other Business 


13         Proposed Meeting Dates 2024  Agenda Item No 13 proposed dates (PDF) [11KB]


Meeting papers planning partnerships board/new combined file 261023.pdf


Minute (PDF) [54KB]