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Audit and Governance Panel (Special) - 27 September 2023

Audit and Governance Panel agenda and associated papers for the meeting on 27 September 2023


Councillor Dettbarn (Chair)

Councillor Bell

Councillor Cullen

Councillor Kilpatrick

Councillor McGinley

Councillor Ramsay

Councillor Scott

Councillor Weir

Notice of meeting

agenda - 27 September 2023 (PDF) [288KB]

"to follow" agenda (PDF) [255KB]

agenda for the revised report (PDF) [254KB]


1.  Declarations of Interest.

2.  Final Report on the 2022/23 Audit 

item 2 2022/23 audit (PDF) [4MB]

Meeting papers

agenda and report for meeting (PDF) [4MB]

Meeting recording

The recording of this meeting can be viewed on our Webcasting channel.


Minute of 27th September 2023 Audit and Governance Special (PDF) [63KB]