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Common Good Consultation - Girvan Bandstand, Stair Park, Henrietta Street, Girvan

Consultation closed Monday 6th November 2023

Representations and Responses

Notice of consultation under Section 104 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015.

Reason for Site Notice Being Displayed: South Ayrshire Council is proposing to sell the property known locally as Girvan Bandstand, located in Stair Park, Henrietta Street, Girvan - shown outlined in red on the plan below - to a locally based social enterprise organisation for the purposes of redevelopment to create a café and events hub with facilities for outdoor and sea activities. South Ayrshire Council has undertaken a Best Value Assessment on the proposal as required under The Disposal of Land by Local Authorities (Scotland) Regulations 2010.

The sale will remove the Common Good Fund's liability for maintaining the property.

Notice is hereby given of a PUBLIC CONSULTATION.

In terms of Section 104 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, local authorities are required to consult with the local community when planning to dispose of common good property or change its use.

The proposal is for Girvan Bandstand, which is currently derelict and unused, to be sold to a Girvan based social enterprise and redeveloped by them to create a café and events hub with facilities for outdoor and sea activities. The proposal has been recommended following a Best Value Assessment undertaken by South Ayrshire Council, as required by The Disposal of Land by Local Authorities (Scotland) Regulations 2010.

It is anticipated that the redevelopment of the site will yield the following benefits:

  • Economic Development - the proposal is expected to benefit the visitor economy, attracting additional visitors and associated spend to the local area, contributing to South Ayrshire Council Tourism & Events Strategy. It is further expected that the proposal will create additional jobs.
  • Regeneration - by bringing a highly visible but derelict and unused property back into productive use, contributing to Priority One: Spaces & Places of the South Ayrshire Council Plan 2023-28.
  • Public Health and Social Wellbeing - the facility is likely to increase capacity and accessibility of facilities for outdoor and water-based activities for the general public, thus improving participants' health and wellbeing and offering social opportunities for participants. Will also create a new space for people to gather and socialise, strengthening community cohesion and tackling social isolation.
  • Girvan Common Good fund will benefit through the removal of liability for costs associated with maintaining the current structure.

The extent of the area that would be sold is shown outlined in the plan below.

Description of the Consultation Process

Anyone may make representations about this proposal to South Ayrshire Council.  Representations must be in writing, by email, or by online response as detailed below and include the name and address of the person making it. All representations must be received by 17:00hrs on Monday 6th November 2023. All representations received will be published with the exception of those considered to be potentially offensive or libellous. The names of individuals and organisations making representations and their postcode will be published alongside the representation made. The Council will remove any telephone numbers, mobile numbers, personal email addresses, residential addresses and signatures from published information.

South Ayrshire Council's Asset Management and Community Asset Transfer Privacy Notice can be viewed on the Council's website at: