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Learn 2... School Swimming

South Ayrshire Council provide over 2600 children in primary school with swimming lessons every year. Our aim is to ensure every child in South Ayrshire has an opportunity to Learn 2 Swim.

Scottish Swimming's vision is Everyone Can Swim.

The ability to swim is an important life skill that every child in Scotland should have. Providing better access and prospects for every child to become a confident, safer and competent swimmer is essential for the safety of children in Scotland. School Swimming is the ideal opportunity to provide this for the children in South Ayrshire whilst supporting national outcomes including, education, health and stronger communities. 


For some pupils School Swimming may be the first and only opportunity they get to experience the aquatic environment. We want to ensure this is enjoyable from start to finish. 

Bring with you to swimming:-

  1. Towel
  2. Swimwear - make sure this is tight fitting and not below the knee, this can hinder your ability to swim
  3. Remove jewellery - if you are unable to remove earings, tape should be used or a swim cap.
  4. Lockers are 50p and all belongings should be placed within a locker. Most pupils share these, although we have plenty for everyone.

Expected Behaviours:-

  1. Respect our other users within the facilites and be as quiet as possible around reception areas and changing villages. 
  2. Get ready promptly before and after lessons
  3. Listen throughout your lesson and give your teacher your full attention
  4. Our facilities are NO RUNNING anywhere. 
  5. If you are unsure of anything speak with your class teacher. 
  6. Have fun and enjoy your lessons 

What to expect from your 10 week block:-

Week 1-3

  • When you arrive on your first week you will be assessed by our qualified instructors and placed into swimming groups based on ability.
    • This may be different if you attend Learn 2 Swim, you are now swimming with a wider range of abilities.
  • Your class teacher will be given a list of what group you will be placed in for your next lesson 

Week 3-7

  • Each lesson will be made up of various games and activities targetting water safety and key aquatic skills to help support your journey on learning to swim. 
  • Practice skills learned within class each week and see excellerated results by following some online resources for our parents Parent Resources
  • Teachers will assess each week throughout the 10 week block of lessons 

Week 8-9

  • Week 8 is distance week and each child will get an opportunity to swim for a distance badge. This must be a recognisable frontstroke or backstroke and carried out without the feet touching the ground. 
    • Don't worry if you haven't mastered swimming just yet, you will still be rewarded for all of your amazing achievements. 

Week 10

  • Drown Prevention Week - over 400 people accidently drown every year in the UK, we will teach you water safety tips to help prevent this number increasing. 

Water Safety Resources


All children will be issued with a certificate and an Award Ribbon at the end of the 10 week block.