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Frequently Asked Questions

My class teacher has told me my child is moving up a level? All movements are carried out on your homeportal, see above to activate this.

  1. Allow 24 hours before logging into your hompeportal 
  2. Select MOVE next to your current class day/time

  3. All moves will be for your current site only

I would like to change Venue:-

  1. Call:- 01292 269793
  2. Email:-
  3. Speak to a member of our reception team on site.

Can i speak with my child's class teacher about my child's progress? During lessons this is not always possible, if you contact your teacher will come back to you as quickly as possible.

My child's progress doesn't seem to have been updated in the last 8 weeks? You will be able to speak to any member of staff on-site who will pass this onto your class teacher. 

How can i support my child to progress through the Learn 2 Programe:-

  • Positive encouragement goes a long way, even for tasks we may find very basic.
  • Utilising your Free general swimming as part of your membership for practicing newly learned skills (if your child is under 8 - 1 adult can attend for free with the membership holder)
  • Check out our partnership resources:-

How long should it take my child to learn to swim? There is no definite timeline, different children take different amounts of time and find some skills easier to learn than others. If you take your child swimming out-with lessons there is a high probability that they will progress more quickly. There won't always be leaps of progress every lesson or every week. It is normal for learning to plateau for periods, even regress at times and surge ahead at others.

Why does my child swim in such a small area? Within our Learn 2 Swim programme we are aiming to achieve good technique across shorter distances decreasing the chances of picking up bad habits and poor technique . Teachers within this smaller area are able to see all children and keep full control of the class, while giving essential on-going corrections. Children also benefit from repetition, improved instruction, ability to hear and see clear demonstrations and progress distance gradually.

My class has been cancelled will I get a refund? If this has been a scheduled closure of facility and notice has been given no refund will be  permitted as per your terms and conditions. In the event of a closure where we are unable to give you sufficient notice a refund for that lesson will be deducted from your next monthly payment.

  • As part of our Learn 2 Direct Debit system this provides each user with a minimum of 45 lessons per year although we run 50 weeks of the year (potentially giving 4-5 free lessons).