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Regulatory Panel (Licensing) - 31 August 2023

Regulatory Panel (Licensing) - 31 August 2023


Councillor Bell (Chair)

Councillor Cavana

Councillor Clark

Councillor Dixon

Councillor Hunter

Councillor Kilbride

Councillor Kilpatrick

Councillor Mackay

Councillor Townson

Notice of meeting

Agenda for Regulatory Panel (Licensing) of 31 August 2023 (PDF) [293KB]



1.       Declarations of Interest.

2.       (copy herewith).

3.       Civic Licensing Standards Officer Update.


4.       Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 - Applications for Licences - Consider applications for licences in respect of which adverse comments have been received in terms of the accompanying reports, namely:-


            (a)        Taxi Drivers (PDF) [33KB] .

            (b)        Private Hire Drivers (PDF) [32KB] .

            (c)        Taxi Vehicles (PDF) [32KB] .

            (d)        Private Hire Vehicles (PDF) [32KB] .

            (e)        Street Traders (PDF) [32KB]

            (f)          Item 4f Appointments (PDF) [32KB]


            Submit reports by Head of Legal and Regulatory Services (copies herewith - members only).




Meeting Papers

Combined File of Papers for Regulatory Panel (Licensing) of 31 August 2023 (PDF) [781KB]

Meeting recording

The recording of this meeting can be viewed on our Webcasting channel.


Final Minute of 31st August 2023 Regulatory Panel (Licesning) (PDF) [32KB]