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Community Planning Partnerships Board - 24 August 2023 at 10am

Community Planning Partnerships Board agenda and associated papers for the meeting on 24 August 2023 at 10am

Notice of meeting

Notice of Meeting Agenda - CPPB - 240823 (PDF) [148KB]


FIRST PART OF MEETING: Workshop Session (10am)

Child Poverty session hosted by Public Health Scotland to provide members with an outline of a 'systems and data-driven approach to strategic child poverty planning'.



1          Welcome  

2          Declarations of Interest

3          Apologies

4          Minutes of the Meeting of 20th April 2023  Minutes of the Meeting of 20th April 2023 - CPPB - 240823 (PDF) [147KB]


5          (a)       SDP Chairs Executive Update (including engagement with Cabinet on new structure changes)  Item 5a SDP Chairs Executive Update - CPPB - 240823 (PDF) [127KB]

Report by Service Lead - Policy, Performance and Community Planning, South Ayrshire Council


5          (b)        Strategic Delivery Partnership Updates:

1.          Children's Services Planning Partnership  Agenda Item 5b1 Children's Services Planning Partnership Update - CPPB - 240823 (PDF) [143KB]

2.          Community Safety  Agenda Item 5b2  Community Safety Update - CPPB - 240823 (PDF) [174KB]

3.          Financial Inclusion and Growth  Agenda Item 5b3 Financial Inclusion and Growth Update - CPPB - 240823 (PDF) [217KB]

4.          Population Health  Agenda Item 5b4 Population Health Update - CPPB - 240823 (PDF) [168KB]

5.          Sustainability  Agenda Item 5b5 Sustainability Update - CPPB - 240823 (PDF) [158KB]


5         (c)        Communities Reference Group  Agenda Item 5c Communities Reference Group - CPPB - 240823 (PDF) [107KB]


6          Third Sector Interface Update:  Voluntary Action South Ayrshire   Agenda Item 6 Third Sector Interface Update:  Voluntary Action South Ayrshire - CPPB - 240823 (PDF) [119KB]

Report by Chief Executive Officer, Voluntary Action South Ayrshire


7          For Information: Community Learning and Development Strategy 2021-2024 -Mid-term Progress Report


8          AOCB

9          Date of next meeting:  10am:  26th October 2023


Meeting papers

Combined File Meeting Papers CPPB - 240823 (PDF) [1MB]

Minute - To Follow