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RAF Chinook Display Team added to the line-up for new air show

Airshow Chinook

The ever-popular RAF Chinook Display Team will pay a visit to Ayr this September when they carry out their impressive aerial display at The International Ayr Show - Festival of Flight.  

Based at RAF Odiam in Hampshire, the team will showcase the phenomenal capability of Boeing Chinook HC Mk6, whose role is primarily for the transportation of troops, resupply, and battlefield casualty evacuation. It can also perform search and rescue operations and provide military aid to the civil authorities. 

The Chinook is instantly recognisable by the two sets of rotor blades sitting on top of the aircraft, each with a diameter of 60 ft (18.3M). Rotating in opposite directions, these rotor blades give an unmistakable sound that audiences can hear long before it's in sight and enable the helicopter to perform manoeuvres which seem impossible for its size. 

Festival goers can expect to see the team perform pirouettes, steep banks and turns. Prepare to be thrilled as they showcase the amazing versatility of this helicopter! 

If you're in the crowd on the day, make sure to look towards the rear of helicopter during the display, as one of the crew members will open the cargo door and wave a pair of huge bright orange hands!  

The RAF Chinook Display Team have only selected eight air shows to display at this season, so we're extremely fortunate to have secured them for our line-up.  

We can't wait to give the team a warm welcome when they carry out their display over Ayr shore front on Saturday 9 September. 

CEO of theSKYLAB, Dr Geoff Coxon said "Not many air shows have been able to secure the Chinook Display Team this year, so having them here at Ayr is a real privilege. It means we get a chance to see this amazing machine in action. The crowd will be stunned at the way the helicopter is piloted during the display. One manoeuvre to watch out for is 'the rollercoaster' where the aircraft is dramatically pitched up, then down, just like the theme park ride. It is an amazing sight to see with an even better sound, often referred to as blade-slap!" 

South Ayrshire Council's Portfolio Holder for Tourism, Culture and Rural Affairs, Councillor Alec Clark said: "The RAF Chinook Display Team are in high demand, so to have them on the bill for Saturday's aerial display is absolutely fantastic. This will be another chance to interact with one of our amazing display teams at the air show, so be sure to watch out for the orange hands and wave back, as I've been told that they will be able to see you!"   

South Ayrshire Council's Portfolio Holder for Sport and Leisure, Councillor Brian Connolly, said: "I'm delighted that we've got the iconic RAF Chinook Display Team secured for the festival - this one is not to be missed. The distinctive sound of the helicopter's blades will grab the crowd's attention even before the aerial display gets into full swing!" 

Leader of South Ayrshire Council, Councillor Martin Dowey, said: "The RAF Chinook Display Team put on an outstanding performance and this display is definitely one for the whole family to enjoy and take part in.  It's going to be an impressive performance and one that I'm particularly looking forward to."

The International Ayr Show - Festival of Flight will take place at Ayr shore front between Friday 8 - Sunday 10 September 2023.  

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