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Introductory Watersports Sessions (P5-S4) - Millennium Bridge, River Doon (Ayr)

Currently there are no instances scheduled for this event

articipants should be in P5-S4 (2022-23 school year).


Each 3-hour session is priced at £10.00.

What to Expect

1. Introduction and Briefing: The session will begin with a warm welcome and a safety briefing. The instructors will explain the basics of the activities, including stand-up paddle boarding and canoeing.

2. Equipment Familiarisation: You will be shown how to properly use the equipment, including paddles, boards, and canoes. Feel free to ask questions if you're unsure about anything.

3. Skills Practice: You'll have the opportunity to practice your skills in a controlled environment. The instructors will guide you on proper techniques for balancing, paddling, and manoeuvring the boards or canoes.

4. Short Guided Excursion: Once you feel comfortable with the basics, we'll embark on a guided excursion on the River Doon. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and put your newly acquired skills to use under the supervision of the instructors.

5. Fun and Adventure: This session is designed to be enjoyable and adventurous. Take in the sights, feel the thrill of gliding through the water, and embrace the experience of water sports.

This is an introductory session, so the focus will be on learning the fundamentals and having a great time. If you enjoy the session and want to explore water sports further, our instructors will be happy to provide information about additional opportunities.

Clothing & Equipment

Participants should wear clothing and footwear appropriate for the weather and activity. Specific technical equipment will be provided. Please see below.

Safety Advice
1. Listen to Instructors: Our qualified instructors prioritize your safety. Pay attention to their instructions, and don't hesitate to ask questions if you need clarification.
2.Wear Appropriate Gear: We provide life jackets and other necessary equipment. Make sure to wear them properly at all times during the session.
3.Buddy System: Follow the buddy system and keep an eye on your fellow participants. Look out for each other and report any concerns to the instructors.
4.Weather Conditions: If there are any concerns about the weather, the instructors will decide on whether to proceed or reschedule.
5.Hydration and Sun Protection: Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the session. Apply sunscreen and wear a hat or sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.

Medical Consent Form

A medical consent form is required for each participant and should be completed ahead of the activity

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