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South Ayrshire Council - 29 June 2023

South Ayrshire Council - 29 June 2023

Notice of meeting

Agenda for South Ayrshire Council of 29 June 2023 (PDF) [101KB]




1.       Provost.

2.       Sederunt and Declarations of Interest.

3.       Minutes of meetings of the Council and Panels.

          (a)     Minutes of previous meetings.

                   Submit for approval as a correct record and authorise to be signed:-

                    (i)     1 March 2023 Minutes (PDF) [255KB]

                   (ii)      14 June 2023 (Special) Minutes (PDF) [76KB]

                   (copies herewith).


          (b)     Minutes of Panels.

                   The minutes (copies previously issued) of the undernoted meetings are for noting:-

                   (i)      Appeals Panel of 9 December 2022 and 23 February 2023.

                   (ii)      Audit and Governance Panel of 22 February and 22 March 2023.

                   (iii)     Cabinet of 15 February, 14 March, 29 March (Special), 25 April and 23 May 2023.

                            In accordance with the Scheme of Delegation and Standing Orders for Meetings, the recommendations in the minutes as contained in the 'C' paragraph have been referred to the Council for decision: -

  Minutes of 25 April 2023 - "Code of Conduct for Employees - Conflict of Interest Policy"

(copy of Minute Excerpt (PDF) [253KB] herewith).


                   (iv)     Chief Officers' Appointments/Appraisal Panel of 22 November, 5 December, 6 December and 8 December 2022 and 26 May 2023.

                   (v)     Local Review Body of 31 January, 14 March 2023 and 18 April 2023.

                   (vi)     Partnerships Panel of 8 February 2023.

                   (vii)    Regulatory Panel - Licensing of 16 February, 16 March and 27 April 2023.

                   (viii)   Regulatory Panel - Planning of 2 February and 30 March 2023.

                   (ix)     Service and Partnerships Performance Panel - 18 April and 16 May 2023

                   (x)     Service and Performance Panel of 10 January and 7 February 2023.

                   (xi)     Ayrshire Shared Services Joint Committee of 10 March 2023.


4.       Employer Supported Policing Initiative (PDF) [75KB] - Police Scotland - Submit report by Chief Executive (copy herewith).


5.       Appointments to Panel (PDF) [86KB] - Submit report by Head of Legal and Regulatory Services (copy herewith).


6.       Representation on and Remit of Working Group (PDF) [96KB] - Submit report by Head of Legal and Regulatory Services (copy herewith).


7.       Representation on Outside Bodies (PDF) [87KB] - Submit report by Head of Legal and Regulatory Services (copy herewith).


8.       Appointments to COSLA (PDF) [74KB] - Submit report by Head of Legal and Regulatory Services (copy herewith).


9.       Item 9 (PDF) [195KB]  - Submit report by Head of Legal and Regulatory Services (copy herewith).


10.     South Ayrshire Charitable Trust (PDF) [196KB] - Submit report by Head of Legal and Regulatory Services (copy herewith).


11.     Standing Orders Relating to Meetings (PDF) [578KB] - Submit report by Head of Legal and Regulatory Services (copy herewith).


12.     Standing Orders Relating to Contracts (PDF) [440KB] - Submit report by Head of Finance, ICT and Procurement (copy herewith).


13.     Future Operating Proposals (PDF) [4MB] - Customer Services - Submit report by Director of Strategic Change and Communities (copy herewith).


14.     Item 14 (PDF) [1MB] - Submit joint report by Director of Strategic Change and Communities (copy herewith).


15.     Proposed Ward Capital Projects (PDF) [223KB] 2023 to 2027 - Submit report by Depute Chief Executive and Director of Housing, Operations and Development (copy herewith).


16.     Former St Ninian's School Site (PDF) [546KB] Transfer of the Former St Ninians School Site from the General Fund to the Housing Revenue Account - Submit report by Depute Chief Executive and Director of Housing, Operations and Development (copy herewith).


17.     Review of SA Integration Scheme (PDF) [45KB] - Submit report by Director of Health and Social Care (copy herewith).


18.       Notices of Motion:


          (a)     Moved by Councillor Bob Pollock, seconded by Councillor Martin Kilbride:-


                   "Council acknowledges the detrimental effect disposable vapes have on the environment and their increasing use particularly by young people and the consequent concern that this is encouraging an increasing nicotine dependence in this group as well as the potential negative health impacts for young people using these products.


Council asks the Chief Executive to write a letter following Council to the Scottish and UK Governments requesting that single use vapes are banned and to report back any response she receives to members."



(b)     Moved by Councillor Peter Henderson, seconded by Councillor Hugh Hunter:-


"The Council Chief Executive is requested to write to Baroness Virginia McVea, Chief Executive Officer of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, UK Department of Transport, to confirm the opposition by South Ayrshire Council to the proposed Closure of Ballantrae Coast Guard Station and Portpatrick Coast Guard Station in South West Scotland.


The Coast Guard Station in Ballantrae covers the Area from Girvan to Stranraer and is equipped with Rescue equipment and full time trained and Auxiliary staff, they have a vehicle and equipment to rescue anyone in difficulty on the coast and also assist the RNLI in rescue operations. It is proposed to remove the vehicle and equipment and trained personnel from this station. The area is remote coastline and the only maritime rescue capability will be via Lifeboat from Stranraer or Girvan. The expected effect will be a loss of employment and skills from our Coast, the potential greater endangering of lives and with the growing Tourist trade in Active travel, walking and sea activities in this area a slower response and therefore greater risk to members of the public if any accidents occur. It is worth noting that a lifeboat is not equipped and carries no cliff rescue equipment and it is our view that the time taken for personnel to travel to this area from Girvan or Stranraer could be the difference between a successful rescue or death. The Ballantrae Coast Guard have a long history and record of life saving and rescues which will be lost to the community and visitors. It is most concerning that in addition it is understood the nearest Manned Coast Guard station will be Belfast.


The Proposal by HM Coast Guard is in our view ill thought out and a needless cost saving that is opposed by the local community and visiting public, will cut job opportunities and places the area at increased risk from accidents etc."



(c)     Moved by Councillor Alec Clark, seconded by Councillor Peter Henderson:-


"Given the proposed closure of The Bank of Scotland in Girvan , the Chief Executive Mrs Eileen Howat is requested to write to The Head of the Lloyds Banking Group to express the disappointment of South Ayrshire Council at the loss of physical branch banking services to not only the residents of Girvan and South Carrick but also to other towns within South Ayrshire which will lead to the nearest Bank Branch to remain open being in the County Town of Ayr. The Bank of Scotland in Girvan provides essential face to face services for a generation of people who are not online, for those of the most vulnerable in our society such as residents of North Park Court who have learning difficulties, for those in our outlying rural villages who will now have to travel up to thirty three miles for full physical banking Services. It is also a major blow for retail footfall and Town Centre Regeneration. The possibility of a shared banking Hub in no way compensates for a full face to face service which dedicated staff have provided over the years some of whom now face a very uncertain future. This is of course a sign of the times which has affected many towns all over the UK. However no cognizance is or has been taken of the decimating effect this policy of closing branches has on our high streets and the fact it has a detrimental and socially isolating effect on many within the local communities. The closing of the branch is not in line with the promises made by marketing strap lines used by the Bank of Scotland such as "The Bank that cares about Communities" and Is "By Your Side". I would ask for your support on this issue."


(d)     Moved by Councillor Julie Dettbarn, seconded by Councillor Hugh Hunter:-


"South Ayrshire Council is fully committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for each and every one of our Children & Young People.  We have a special responsibility for those who require direct support from us, including Care Experienced Young People and Young Carers.


Council recognises that the Scottish Government's enhanced bursary for Care Experienced Young People enables many young people to continue their education into college or university and achieve the best possible start to their adult lives.


Council recognises that Young Carers often experience difficulties accessing further education as their caring responsibilities may significantly impact on their ability to access student employment to support their studies.


Council requests the Chief Executive to write to the First Minister to ask the Scottish Government to consider extending the enhanced bursary to Young Carers to ensure they benefit from equal access to further education and are recognised for, and not disadvantaged by, their significant contribution in providing care and support to their loved ones."


(e)     Moved by Councillor Craig Mackay, seconded by Councillor William Grant:-


"Council notes the clear benefits to health and social interaction from having accessible and well-equipped outdoor play areas. While acknowledging that significant improvements have been made across South Ayrshire in recent years, many small play areas within residential areas remain in need of upgrading, or additional equipment installed to enable use by less able-bodied children.


As a Scottish Government priority funding is being made available to councils, but with an expectation this will be supplemented from other sources.


Council recognises that small pockets of funding, when they from time to time become available from underspends, developer contributions and other sources, can quickly make a big difference to a play area. However no transparent process is in place to identify which community play areas should be prioritised within each ward.


Council notes that it is a requirement of the new Local Development Plan Regulations that a Play Sufficiency Assessment is completed which  reviews play areas based on the condition and range of equipment available, RPII inspection reports, SIMD data and includes consideration of the priorities identified through community consultation processes, and that officers shall present a report to Council on 12 October 2023 identifying the funding and staffing required and the associated timelines to complete this work .Officers are requested to produce as part of this exercise  an ongoing priority list of "shovel-ready" improvements that could  be implemented in each ward as and when funding becomes available.


Council further requests that officers consider as part of this exercise and the preparation of the Supplementary Guidance for Developer Contributions how to maximise developer contributions where on site provision for outdoor play is unable to be included within a site and include their proposals in a future report to Cabinet."


19.     Formal Questions.

Formal Questions (PDF) [2MB]


Meeting papers

Combined File (PDF) [8MB]


Meeting recording

The recording of this meeting can be viewed on our Webcasting channel.


Final Minute South Ayrshire Council 29th June 2023 (PDF) [210KB]




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