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New Tyre Swing for Wallacetown

Tyre swing

There's positive news for the Wallacetown community as a brand-new tyre swing has been installed in Church Court.  

The new play equipment was secured as part of the Participatory Budgeting process, where locals work with South Ayrshire Council's Thriving Communities team to agree on which projects should be progressed in their area.  

The Newton Primary Prevention First group approached South Ayrshire Council with concerns after local young people's homemade tyre swings were removed due to health and safety concerns. This resulted in a collaboration between the group and the Council to come up with a positive solution.  

Newton Primary Prevention First worked alongside the Thriving Communities CLD team to look at available options and put forward a successful pitch at the Participatory Budgeting event. The tyre swing was a clear winner when the vote took place and is already proving to be a big hit within the community.  

Daniel Jamieson, Newton Primary Prevention First group said: "The Prevention First group raised concerns because the homemade tyre swing at Church Court kept getting cut down. We e-mailed several people at the Council who suggested ways that we could get a tyre swing that was safe. Now that the tyre swing has been built, lots of children play on it all the time and it has made Church Court much more fun." 

Councillor Bob Pollock, South Ayrshire Council's Portfolio Holder for Economic Development said: "The Newton Primary Prevention First group's enthusiasm and commitment to work on the behalf of the wider Wallacetown Community should be commended. I hope the new swing will bring joy to all who use it and initiate further discussions with the local community towards making improvements in Wallacetown. And thank you to the Council's Thriving Communities team for helping the group's hard work come to fruition."