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Family Bookings

Family Bookings

You can make family bookings through a single log in, via your online account - this is done through creating a 'family group' on your log in (please note you won't be able to do this via your app). 

Creating New Family Member

  1. Log in to website (this isn't available via our app)
  2. Scroll down to 'Manage Family Members'
  3. Click 'Create Contact'
  4. Complete all necessary details
  5. Click 'Create Member'
  6. Your family member should now be showing on the next page
  7. This can be repeated for multiple family members

Booking Family Members (family members must be registered at the same address)

  1. Log in to website (this isn't available via our app)
  2. Click 'Drop Ins'
  3. Select Club then click green button
  4. Select 'Classes' then click green button
  5. Select all relevant sessions then click green button
  6. Select the date you want to book
  7. Select the session by clicking the arrow inside it
  8. In 'Number of Tickets' select how many people are swimming
  9. Use the drop down boxes to add the family members who are swimming
  10. Click 'Pay Now' and follow the instructions

Booking for Another Person registered at a Different Address 

The person can book via their own online account, alternatively please give us a call on 01292 269793 where we can make the booking for everyone attending the activity.