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Large scale renewable energy developments

The Scottish Ministers expect planning authorities to make positive provision for renewable energy developments by: supporting a diverse range of renewable energy technologies including encouraging the development of emerging and new technologies; recognising the importance of fully engaging with local communities and other stakeholders at all stages of the planning process; guiding development to appropriate locations and providing clarity on the issues that will be taken into account when assessing specific proposals; and maximising environmental, economic and social benefits.

At the same time planning authorities are expected to meet statutory obligations to protect designated areas, species and habitats and to protect the historic environment from inappropriate forms of development; and ensure that impact on local communities and other interests are satisfactorily addressed.

In South Ayrshire, the Environment and Conservation Section of Sustainable Development has responsibility for the processing and determination of planning applications for renewable energy proposals, principally windfarm developments; and for formal consultation responses on large scale windfarm proposals made to the Scottish Government under the Electricity Act 1989.


View interactive map showing environmental and conservation information, including wind farms.