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Adapting to climate change - communities

Over the last century temperatures have increased, bringing rising sea levels, changes in rainfall patterns with hotter drier summers, wetter winters and more frequent and intense and storms. These changes are expected to intensify over the coming decades, with more extreme changes than we have ever experienced before.

There are a large number of potential impacts of these changes affecting coastal communities, our natural environment, food supply, our economy and our health and wellbeing. More information about impacts in Scotland can be found at Adaptation Scotland.

We need to make adjustments to protect our communities against the negative effects of climate change or to make the most of beneficial opportunities.

Adapting to climate change has two aspects:

  • Adapting to present climate and weather
  • Making changes based on future projected changes in the climate

The Adaptation Framework 2009 sets out a framework to help Scotland's communities adapt and prepare for the impact of climate change.

The Adaptation Framework aims to:

  • Improve understanding of the consequences of climate change and the challenges and opportunities it presents
  • Provide the skills and tools needed to adapt to changing climates
  • Address climate change issues by incorporating adaptation into wider regulation and public policy

Why Adapt in South Ayrshire?

South Ayrshire Council, due to its location, is vulnerable to some of the risks posed by climate change. South Ayrshire is at risk of both coastal, surface water and river flooding. River, coastal and surface water flood maps were developed by SEPA and 19 potentially vulnerable areas have been identified in Ayrshire.