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Strategic Housing Investment Plan

A Strategic Housing Investment Plan (SHIP) is an important document which sets out South Ayrshire Council's strategic investment priorities for housing over a 5 year period, specifically affordable housing and Gypsy/Traveller accommodation, with these strategic investment priorities being aligned with the priorities and outcomes set out in local housing strategies. Specifically, the SHIP is the key document for identifying:

  • Proposed strategic affordable housing projects which require Scottish Government Affordable Housing Supply Programme funding support.
  • Proposed affordable housing projects which are to be provided without Scottish Government Affordable Housing Supply Programme funding support (e.g. funded directly by the local authority)

The SHIP is therefore an operational rather than policy document and:

  • reflects and aligns with the housing policies and outcomes set out in South Ayrshire Council's Local Housing Strategy (LHS) and LHS Outcome Action Plan;
  • reinforces the role of South Ayrshire Council as the strategic housing authority;
  • informs Scottish Government investment decisions; and
  • informs the preparation of a Strategic Local Programme Agreement that sets out the planned programme across South Ayrshire Council and, where required, informs the preparation of Programme Agreements to individual providers setting out the planned programme.

South Ayrshire Council's current Strategic Housing Investment Plan 24/25 -28/29 can be viewed here -  Investment Plan - 24/25 -28/29 (PDF) [1MB]

This includes a table of proposed developments and Scottish Government funding for the next five years. The SHIP is updated on a yearly basis to take into account any changes to developments and update existing developments.

If you would like more information on the Strategic Housing Investment Plan then you can contact

Kyle McKay

Policy Officer

01292 473469