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Service and Performance Panel - 7 February 2023

Service and Performance Panel agenda and associated papers for the meeting on 7 February 2023


  • Chair - Councillor Shields
  • Councillor Bell
  • Councillor Cochrane
  • Councillor Cullen
  • Councillor Scott
  • Councillor Weir

Notice of meeting

Agenda for the meeting (PDF) [29KB]

Meeting papers

1.       Declarations of Interest.

2.       Minutes of previous meeting of 10 January 2023

item 2 -minutes of previous meeting (PDF) [69KB]

3.       Action Log and Work Programme. 

item 3 - action log and work programme (PDF) [64KB]

4.     Elected Members' Briefings/Training Update - Submit report by the Head of Legal and Regulatory Services

item 4 - Elected Members Briefings/ Training Update (PDF) [246KB]


Meeting Papers

Agenda and reports (PDF) [389KB]

Meeting recording

The recording of this meeting can be viewed on our Webcasting channel.


Service and Performance Panel Minutes 7th February 2023 (PDF) [128KB]