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Local Employability Partnership (LEP)

South Ayrshire's Local Employability Partnership (LEP) is a well-established partnership and has clear links to local strategic plans, including Community Learning and Development Plan, Strategic Economic Plan and Child Poverty Action Plan.

The LEP is a subgroup of the Employability & Lifelong Learning Partnership (ELLP), which is embedded in South Ayrshire's Community Planning Partnership (CPP).  The ELLP provides an opportunity for other partners to be included in discussions at a local level relating to employability, lifelong learning, and volunteering. The ELLP reports directly to the CPP Financial Inclusion Strategic Delivery Partnership.

The purpose of the LEP is to enable collective leadership and a shared commitment across partners to provide a more aligned approach to national and local employability support. 

The ELLP reports directly to the CPP Financial Inclusion Strategic Delivery Partnership.  The LEP is a subgroup of the ELLP and the purpose of the LEP is to oversee the strategic development and governance of employability provision across South Ayrshire.  The LEP will support key strategic policies and action plans both locally and nationally, including South Ayrshire Community Learning & Development Plan 2021-2024 (PDF) [5MB] , Child Poverty Action Plan, South Ayrshire Strategic Economic Plan (Vision 2030) and South Ayrshire Volunteering Strategy 2021


"Reducing inequality and closing the gap is core to the LEPs vision, while ensuring we

create a fair, inclusive, suitable economy through employability and volunteering by creating

opportunities across South Ayrshire"

The LEP will build on the strengths of the existing national and local services, better align

funding, and improve the integration of employability services or other supports to ensure

that services are designed and delivered around the needs and aspirations of those

accessing our services at a local level.


  • Monitor and evaluate progress and performance detailed within the agreed LEP Action Plan 
  • Contribute to South Ayrshire CPP priorities and directly report to the Financial Inclusion Strategic Delivery Partnership
  • Align policy and practice to improve employability and volunteering outcomes across South Ayrshire
  • Drive forward the shared ambitions and actions of No One Left Behind and the response to COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring employability support is available across South Ayrshire
  • Coordinate information sharing, action planning and reporting between strategic partners
  • Align funding, and where appropriate, co-produce and co-commission provision to meet identified needs or to enhance or complement existing provision

The LEP is made up of representative from South Ayrshire Council, Skills Development Scotland (SDS), Ayrshire College, Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce & Developing Scotland's Young Workforce (DYW) and Voluntary Action South Ayrshire (VASA), as the 3rd sector interface.  The LEP lead the planning, decision-making and implementation of employability provision across South Ayrshire to ensure individual needs and labour market demands are met.

The LEP has developed a 3year plan.  The partnership will work with stakeholders and service users to commission employability support on an informed, evidence-based approach, flexing these to meet service users' needs and emerging labour market demands.  The partnership shapes a more coherent employability offer locally, inline with our Local Outcome Improvement Plan (LOIP) and is aligned to the National Performance Framework.

The plan will be updated annually to reflect changes in the labour market and wider economy.

The full plan can be found here:  South Ayrshire - Delivery Plan Framework (PDF) [633KB]