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Pre-Application Enquiries

Status Update - The Pre-Application Enquiry service is temporarily suspended for local development proposals, and will resume as soon as possible, when resources permit.

We are continuing to accept pre-application enquiries for major development proposals and proposals with regards sites that are allocated for development in Local Development Plan 2.

Prior to submitting a planning application, it is highly recommended that prospective applicants review the Council's Local Development Plan 2 and associated guidance and standing advice of key agencies that may inform, or affect their application proposals. Where supporting information e.g a Flood Risk Assessment is required to support development proposals, it is expected that this will be provided at the time of the submission of the application, so as to assist with the consideration of the application in a timely manner.  Of particular relevance is the advice of:

Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

The Coal Authority


Historic Scotland

The Council also publishes environmental information including coal assessment areas, listed buildings, conservation areas, and areas of archaeological interest which is available here

Should you require further feedback on your development proposals, the Planning Service offers a chargeable pre-application enquiry service, the scale of fees of which is as follows;

(a) Householder Developments - £130.

(b) Residential Developments - £210 per each new dwelling (subject to a maximum of £1,040).

(c) Local/Major/Other Developments - 20% of the full application fee (subject to a minimum of

£156 and maximum of £1,040)

(d) Energy Developments - 20% of the application fee (subject to a maximum of £5,000)

Please note, all Pre-Application fees are non-refundable and inclusive of VAT.

Payment for your pre-application enquiry can be made by debit or credit card via telephone by phoning the Service number during office hours.  Link by to Contact Us.

Submit Pre-Application Enquiry

Guidance note for pre-application enquiries (PDF) [1MB]

Pre-Application Enquiry (PDF) [396KB]

When submitting a scheme for pre-application consideration; the more relevant information you submit, the more focused we can be in responding. You should submit a location plan identifying the boundaries of the site and, as a minimum, sketches of the proposed development.

Our response intends to inform the content of your application. We cannot pre-judge the outcome of a planning application. We will handle information submitted with a pre-application enquiry on a confidential basis and we do not publish these submissions on the Council's website. We cannot withhold any information that it may be required to be released under the Freedom of Information Act.

We will endeavour, on average, to respond to pre-application enquiries within the timescales set out below.

Householder Development: 4 weeks

Non-Householder Development: 6 weeks

Major/Energy Development: 8 weeks

However, the time involved will be dependent on the overall amount of case work and complexity of the pre-application enquiry. You should, typically expect, to receive your response in writing, and once you have received your response, it is for prospective applicant's to decide if, or how to progress with their suggested development proposals.