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Requirements guide

You can apply for a building warrant and submit related forms online: e-Development Portal

Plans and supporting information

South Ayrshire Council have produced a comprehensive list of the possible requirements we may have in order to process an Electronic Building Warrant application. Some of the requirements are national ones and some of them are the requirements of South Ayrshire Council in order to deem your application valid and determine your application, therefore you must comply with the following requirements.

Attaching plans and drawings

Building Warrant applications submitted via the portal ALL plans and drawings must have a scale bar, key dimensions, the direction of north, original print (paper) size and relevant scale (e.g. 1:200 at A3, 1:100 at A4) at that print size clearly marked on them.

Please ensure that the files are supplied and uploaded in the correct orientation. The file should be saved with the orientation it should be viewed in, landscape or portrait. e.g. drawings to be viewed as landscape are supplied as landscape etc.

Select the paper size of the document and select what kind of document type it is. It is important that these details are correct.

Attach a block/location plan - if you are applying for a building warrant, or submitting a completion certificate where no warrant was obtained, a block/location plan should accompany your application. If you do not already have access to location plans, the portal provides links to three accredited block/location plan providers. It should preferably be based on Ordnance Survey information on a scale of 1:1250 (4 Ha), and include a North Point. It should contain enough information of the surrounding area to allow the site to be clearly identified, for example, landmarks, road junctions and so on.

The land your proposal relates to must be outlined in RED and any other adjoining land you own in BLUE.

We may also request a paper copy of the application depending on the complexity of the project and whether it is deemed suitable to vet electronically .

Supporting documentation

Applications: You must include supporting documents for most applications, for example architect drawings.

Additional Documentation: You must include all the extra documents the local authority have asked for or provide all the documents you want to be considered.

Document Type/Ref No/Description of Drawings:

We would be grateful if you could ensure that you Index your supporting documents/drawings appropriately at the time of submission, please therefore ensure that you include the following (if required):

  • document type
  • unique drawing reference number
  • revision number
  • description

We would prefer if all drawings and documentation are attached as .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) files rather than .tif files.

Other file types that will be accepted are the following formats: DOC, DOCX, GIF, JPG, PDF, PLT, TIF, TXT, XLS, and XLW - we are unable to accept CAD files at this time.

You can attach the documents online. You should only send documents by post where you have prior agreement with the local authority to do so.

If attaching electronic files, each file must be no larger than 5 Mb (5120Kb) and you may supply up to 100 Mb in total for all supporting files. If you need to exceed either of these limits you will need to contact South Ayrshire Council Building Standards for further instructions.

Where it is necessary to post a paper document to the Local Authority, it must be on paper no larger than A0 (approximately 1.2 x 0.84m).

Your document may be printed by the local authority. Ensure that this document can be printed from the submitted file and , if it is a drawing or plan, that it has also been clearly annotated with a scale bar and the key measurements.

The eBuilding Standards portal will allow you to submit:

  • Application for building warrant
  • Application for amendment of building warrant
  • Application to extend period of validity of building warrant
  • Application to extend period of use of limited life building
  • Application for temporary occupation or use of a building
  • Application for discharge or variation of a continuing requirement
  • Notice regarding start of work
  • Notice of work stage completion
  • Notice of intention to use an Approved Certifier of Construction
  • Completion Certificate - submission
  • Completion Certificate - where no building warrant was obtained
  • Submission of additional information

Online applications are simple, save applicants time and money and will be delivered to us swiftly, enabling us to start considering applications sooner. can be accessed through - a  single landing page leading both to the eBuilding Standards service and to the ePlanning service. Just one registration is needed, so if you are already registered on, you will be able to use the same login details for

For further details please visit

How applications will be processed

All customers should submit electronic applications using the  eBuilding Standards Portal. This will also allow you to submit additional or follow up information in relation to existing building standards applications. This is the only way you will be able to submit this type of documentation electronically. We will not be accepting any electronic applications or follow up information by email.