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Audit and Governance Panel - 7 December 2022

Audit and Governance Panel agenda and associated papers for the meeting on 7 December 2022


Councillor Henderson (Chair)

Councillor Bell

Councillor Cullen

Councillor Kilpatrick

Councillor McGinley

Councillor Ramsay

Councillor Scott

Councillor Weir

Notice of meeting



1.       Declarations of Interest.

2.       2 Call-ins from Cabinet. 

call in Pupil Equity Fund (PDF) [742KB]   Call in Wallace Tower Flag Flying (PDF) [666KB]

Call in Responses 

Call-in Responses (PDF) [38KB]

3.       Minutes of previous meetings of

(a)     9 November 2022 (PDF) [80KB] ; and

(b)     23 November 2022 (PDF) [44KB] (Special)

(copies herewith).

4.       Action Log and Work Programme (PDF) [35KB] (copy herewith).

External Audit Reports

5.       Audit Scotland : Briefing on Tackling Child Poverty (PDF) [711KB] - Submit report by Director of Stratgeic            Change and Communities (copy herewith).

6.       Audit Scotland: Local Government in Scotland Overview 2022 (PDF) [1MB] - Submit report by Director of   Strategic Change and Communities (copy herewith).

Internal Audit Reports

7.       Corporate Fraud Team (PDF) [111KB] - Acitivity Report and Update on 2022/23 National Fraud Initiative - Submit report by Chief Internal Auditor (copy herewith).

Other Governance Reports

8.       Treasury Management (PDF) [377KB] and Investment Strategy Mid-Year Report 2022/23 - Submit report by Head of Finance, ICT and Procurement (copy herewith).



Meeting papers

Meeting Papers for Audit and Governance Panel of 7 December 2022 (PDF) [3MB]


Meeting recording

The recording of this meeting can be viewed on our Webcasting channel.


Final Minute of 071222 (PDF) [149KB]