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Delivering Council Plan Priorities

Delivering Council Plan priorities means focusing our services and expenditure on activities that support the Council Plan priorities.  Here are the projects aligned to this theme.

Net Zero Action Planning & Implementation

This project will develop and implement a Net Zero policy and action plan to enable all Council buildings to achieve net zero targets. The Council intends to align its Net Zero policy with that of the Scottish Government, aiming to achieve a 75% decrease in emissions by 2030 and working towards a target of zero gas emissions by 2045.

Commercial Bin Infrastructure

Across South Ayrshire, commercial suppliers remove waste and rubbish from town centre businesses, meaning that commercial bins are often left on streets ready for collection. This project will consider options aimed at ensuring waste and bins are only on the streets for collection and stored away at all other times.

Public Space CCTV Operating Model

This project will install a modern and functional public CCTV system that provides coverage across South Ayrshire. 

New Waste Transfer and Green Waste Station

By 2025, the Council must ensure that no biodegradable waste goes to landfill. The Council is exploring options for a new waste transfer and green waste station to enable greater control of waste services and support strategic objectives.

The Promise

The Promise evolved from the Independent Care Review 2016-2020 and is Scotland's commitment to improving outcomes of young people in care. At the heart of The Promise is a commitment to improve outcomes for young people and families. This is a major national policy rooted in transformational change which requires local delivery.

Cunningham Place Respite Resource

This project will see the creation of an independent flat within Cunningham Place Children's House. A Garden Room will also be added to the grounds to provide additional capacity for respite as and when required.  These additions will help prevent the need for external respite care.

Whole Family Whole System

Part of the Belmont Family First initiative and located at Belmont Academy, this project takes a whole family approach to supporting families and reduce the likelihood of family break down and children being looked after away from home.

Signs of Safety

This project changes the way care assessments are carried out and enables South Ayrshire to address some of the factors which have contributed to children being placed into overly expensive care.

Foster Carers Recruitment Campaign

This project will change the entire focus of how we deliver care, keeping South Ayrshire's children at the centre.

Building Based Services

The Health and Social Care Partnership provides support and assistance to over 600 adult individuals with learning disabilities in South Ayrshire.  The project will aim to improve meaningful engagement and activities for service users.

Place Planning (Community Conversations)

The aim of this project is to engage with local people in their "place" to capture and record their thoughts on how they would like the physical and social environment to look.  This project is complete.