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Scottish Youth Parliament

What is SYP and who represents you?


What is the Scottish Youth Parliament?

The Scottish Youth Parliament is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status. It is a youth-led, non-party political organisation campaigning to highlight the voice of Scotland's young people on a national and international stage.

Its aim to be an effective, open, honest, inclusive and broadminded voice for Scotland's young people. SYP represents 14-25 year olds across the country and enables their participation in local and national decision-making. The organisation involves up to 200 young volunteers (MSYPs) who are elected to represent young people in their local area. (In South Ayrshire we have two areas, 'Ayr' and 'Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley').

SYP was established on 30th June 1999 in Edinburgh's Murrayfield Stadium, one day before the first meeting of the Scottish Parliament! This was a result of almost ten years of hard work by a group of young people and youth workers who were committed to giving young people in Scotland a voice.

What is an MSYP?

MSYPs are elected by young people in their local area or a national organisation in which they are involved. As an MSYP you are elected by young people to represent them and ensure their voice is listened to by local and national decision-makers. The three main ways in which MSYPs do this are:

  • CONSULTING with young people in your local area or organisation.
  • CAMPAIGNING on issues which affect young people.
  • REPRESENTING young people's views to individuals and organisations that make decisions which affect the lives of young people.

Throughout their two year term as an MSYP, they will have the chance to be involved in many exciting opportunities, activities and projects. They will develop your skills and meet a wide range of people from across Scotland while making a genuine difference for young people in your community and beyond.

South Ayrshire have three members of the Scottish Youth Parliament:

  • Matt Paton - representing Ayr
  • Ellie Crawford - representing Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley

Looking for more information on the Scottish Youth Parliament?

South Ayrshire Youth Forum

Tel: 01292 559390
Email: or
Twitter: @SAYouthForum
Facebook: SAYForum


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