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South Ayrshire Community Safety Partnership is working in partnership with communities and agencies to make South Ayrshire a Safer, Healthier more Confident place. The Community Safety Partnership is a theme group of South Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership.

South Ayrshire Community Safety Partnership is committed to building safe, secure and healthy communities. We want to develop communities where people benefit from social equality and opportunity and are not overshadowed by crime or the fear of crime. We are also dedicated to providing protection for the most vulnerable people in South Ayrshire.

The strategic purpose of the Community Safety Partnership is to create a SafeHealthy and Confident South Ayrshire. Three Sub Groups lead on these key priorities, each led by a different partner.

The Partnership is supported by South Ayrshire Council's Community Safety Services which include:

  • The Emergency Response Team (CCTV, Community Alarms etc.)
  • Antisocial Behaviour (Neighbour Disputes) Team, including Mediation, Tackling Violence Against Women & Victim Support
  • Two area based Community Safety Problem Solving Teams, including Community Support Officers.

The service works in partnership to help make South Ayrshire a Safer, Healthier more Confident place. Working with people across the community is a key aspect of our work. A Problem Solving Co-ordination Group links with partners, including community groups, to identify and prioritise potential problem solving groups and identify available resources. Analysing the most up to date information and research provided by our partner agencies is central to the work of the Partnership, making sure that we are responsive to real issues that affect the people in South Ayrshire.

Members of the Community Safety Partnership include:

  • South Ayrshire Council
  • Police Scotland
  • Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
  • NHS Ayrshire & Arran
  • The Coast Guard
  • The Ambulance Service
  • Ayrshire Alcohol & Drug Partnership (AADP)
  • The Procurator Fiscal

In addition the Partnership involves a range of voluntary and community organisations and members from specific communities in Joint Action Groups (JAGs). This means local people and local organisations can have an input into developing community safety initiatives in their areas.

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