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Heathfield Primary School - Extended Learning Facility (ELF)



The Extended Learning Facility (ELF) is situated within Heathfield Primary School - a mainstream school situated in Ayr.  

Miss L Cameron, Principal Teacher, has responsibility for the Extended Learning Facility.

The department consists of 1 PT, 3 class teachers and 6 full time school assistants.

Aims of the Extended Learning Facility

  1. To make provision for Primary aged pupils with significant Additional Support needs including Learning Difficulties who require a more structured, tailored environment than might usually be found in a mainstream class.
  2. To follow individualised educational programmes based on Curriculum for Excellence, incorporating necessary life and social skills.
  3. To support pupils' inclusion into mainstream classes where appropriate, on an individual and/or group basis.
  4. To provide pupils with opportunities to integrate with their peer group in both academic and social settings.


The pupils in the Extended Learning Facility follow the national Curriculum for Excellence.   Our main aim is that every child achieves to the best of their ability at their own individual pace.

The curriculum is organised into the areas of: Literacy and English, Numeracy and Mathematics, Health and Wellbeing, Social subjects, Science, Expressive Arts, Modern Languages, Religious and Moral Education and Technologies.

Since the pupils require a more structured and carefully planned programme of work, we use Connecting Steps from BSquared as this provides pupils with small, measurable targets and therefore we are able to show progress and achievement for every individual pupil at their own pace.  Plans are formulated on a termly basis and set out learning intentions in all areas. 

All pupils in the Extended Learning Facility are on Stage 4 of Staged Intervention and this means they are subject to Team With the Family meetings and have individual Action Plans and targets.

Action Plans and targets re formulated termly and these are personalised for each pupil to ensure a holistic plan for progress.

Parents as Partners

Consultation with parents is a high priority for the work of the Extended Learning Facility and we welcome contact with parents at any time.  It would be helpful if the school can be contacted first to ensure that the appropriate member of staff is available for discussions.  A home/school diary system offers parents and staff the opportunity to report on daily matters.

The Team With the Family (TWF) meetings are an opportunity for parents, school staff and other relevant professionals to meet and discuss each pupil's placement and progress, and to take decisions regarding their child's future e.g., Transfer to Secondary school.  These meetings can be annual however these can also be arranged at short notice if necessary.  In addition, there are Parents evenings twice yearly, shared lunches, open afternoons and meet the teacher afternoons.

Parents are welcome to assist in extracurricular activities if required on a voluntary basis and share any skills they may have.  They are also welcomed to join the school's Parent Council.


Moving from one setting to another may be unsettling.  The best way to ensure a smooth transition for your child is communication.


  • To the professionals
  • To other parents
  • To your child


  • Where they are going
  • What will happen
  • Who they will meet


  • Your experiences
  • Your expectations
  • Your concerns


  • Your child's feelings, reassure them
  • Your own feelings.
  • Settling in may take a while - be patient


  • Your child's increasing independence
  • Your child will quickly pick up your feelings so above all:  BE POSITIVE

By working together, we can prepare your child for what will happen and make it a positive experience.

Admissions Procedures

Referrals should be made by educational establishments and/or educational psychologists on behalf of the parents to the Central Admissions Group (CAG).  The CAG members meet monthly and consider all aspects of the child and provisions to make a decision on an appropriate placement.

After TWF members have agreed on a preferred provision parents are welcome to visit the provision prior to paperwork being submitted to the CAG.

All places are offered with a six-to-eight-week review meeting to ensure placement is both appropriate and effective in practice.