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Advice on the transition to school

This Thinglink has been designed to support families in a smooth and positive transition from South Ayrshire's EYCs into primary one.  Aiming to address any concerns and give families as much information as possible about this time of change. The Thinglink covers what primary one will look and feel like for transitioning children and gives practical advice on what families can do to support their child.  The Thinglink includes videos by teachers from across South Ayrshire as well as clips from Early childhood specialist Julie Fisher.

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Thinglink user guide:

  • There will be audio throughout to expand on the images you see, wait until the audio finishes before exploring the icons
  • Some links will open in a new window
  • Wherever you see a flashing icon you can click on it for more images, information or videos
  • On the 360 degree image you can move around the picture by clicking on it and moving your mouse or by swiping the screen on a smart phone or tablet
  • Clicking on the arrows moves you onto the next section, if the audio doesn't start straight away click the play button at the bottom of the screen