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Cockhill travellers site

South Ayrshire Council has recognised that there is a need for transit provision in the area for Gypsy/Traveller communities. Transit sites are authorised sites which are used for short stays by Gypsies and Travellers. The sites are permanent but are used short term.  The transit site provides basic amenities and services, which include water supply, shared toilets, washing facilities/utility room, and waste disposal.  At Leadership Panel of 8 March 2022, the link for which to view report can be found here - Services to Gypsy/ Travellers - Site to Support and Accommodate Gypsy/ Traveller Encampments, the Council agreed to develop plans for a transit site on an area of land within the Cockhill Farm Site, Ayr to allow the Council better meet the accommodation needs of Gypsy/Traveller communities who are travelling as part of their cultural lifestyle. 

The proposed transit site at Cockhill Farm would be between one and two acres in size and would be located within a section of the overall area which is approximately 120 acres.

The transit site would be located within the boundary of the area marked in blue on the map. Cockhill travellers site (PDF) [996KB]

Improving accommodation and sites is a key part of Scotland's first long-term national housing strategy, as well as part of the Scottish Government and COSLA's joint Gypsy/Traveller Action Plan.

There are many benefits for both the Gypsy/Traveller and settled communities by having a Local Authority Transit Site:-

  • providing a safe space with adequate service provision for Gypsy/Traveller families to camp

  • potentially reducing the number of unauthorised encampments on unsuitable areas of land

  • enabling Gypsy/Traveller and settled communities to live well together and improve community cohesion through providing suitable accommodation and services for everyone

This consultation is to outline proposals on suggested layout and location and to also gather your views on how a potential site should look and what is needed.

Feedback received will be used to inform proposals and help the Council make decisions about the development of a possible transit site.  If you have any suggestions you wish to be taken into consideration or anything you wish to highlight, please send your feedback to -