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Staged Intervention

Staged Intervention is paperwork prepared by schools three times per year, detailing the specific needs of a child or young person, the targets they are working on at that time and the supports in place to ensure they are successful in meeting those targets. Schools review this paperwork three times per year, and parents and carers are welcome to see it and discuss it with school staff. Staged Intervention should also be seen and commented on by the young person. Staged Intervention has different levels depending on the needs of the child and the amount of support they receive. The levels are:

Stage 1a- in class support (usually from class teacher or School Assistant)

Stage 1b - support provided within the school, but outside class (eg School Assistant or ASFL Teacher)

Stage 2 - one targeted service eg  EAL, Home Link, VI,

Stage 3 - multi agency targeted support

Stage 4 - targeted learning provision eg SASkA, Invergarven, Southcraig, SLC in Girvan Academy or QMA