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Key workers celebrated at Rozelle

Artist Kathryn Hanna with Pathways artwork Rozelle 400 x 400

An inspirational artwork has been unveiled in the grounds of Rozelle House in Ayr.

Commissioned by the David Elder Edward Trust, the artwork called 'Pathways' was created by local artist Kathryn Hanna in recognition of the selfless efforts of front-line workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

'Pathways' was inspired by hospitals and their use of different coloured routes to help limit the transmission of COVID-19.

Kathryn also talked to key workers to help develop the piece, capturing their feelings on the pandemic and how they coped with the daily pressures. She then translated their thoughts into poetry and worked with Russell Brooks of Ayrshire Granite to produce the artwork.

Kathryn spent a lot of time in Rozelle as a child and then again during lockdown, and it's clear the park has greatly influenced her work, she said: "During the pandemic many of us discovered the benefits of outdoor spaces, walking in woodland areas and connecting with nature. I wanted to incorporate this into my work through the creation of a pathway which could provide an area for reflection.

"Key workers were invited to participate in the project, and I was delighted to represent their thoughts and reflections."

You can follow the multi-coloured resin stones and read the short poem inspired by key workers at Rozelle House, just beyond the courtyard.