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South Ayrshire Council - 3 March 2022

South Ayrshire Council agenda for the meeting of 3 March 2022

Notice of meeting

View the notice of meeting for South Ayrshire Council of 3 March 2022 (PDF) [71KB]


  1. Provost.
  2. Sederunt and Declarations of Interest.

    Note: Members are reminded that Section 112 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 provides that a member of the Council cannot vote on a range of Council Tax issues, including setting or adjusting the rate of Council Tax, if he or she is three months or more in arrears with payment of Community Charge (Poll Tax) or two months or more in arrears with Council Tax.

    If Section 112 applies to any member he or she is also required to disclose that fact as soon as practicable after the commencement of the meeting.

    (A letter dated 24 January 2022 was e-mailed to all members by the Chief Executive on this matter).
  3. Minutes of meetings of the Council and Panels.

    (a) Minutes of previous meeting.

    Submit for approval as correct records and authorise to be signed:-

    (i) 9 December 2021 (PDF) [146KB] ; and

    (ii) 25 January 2022 (Special) (PDF) [65KB]

    (b) Minutes of Panels.

    The minutes (copies previously issued) of the undernoted meetings are for noting:-

    (i) Audit and Governance Panel of 3 November and 1 December 2021.

    (ii) Chief Officers Appointments/Appraisal Panel of 4 November, 25 November and 16 December 2021.

    (iii) Leadership Panel of 23 November 2021, 30 November 2021 (Special) and 18 January 2022.

    In accordance with the Scheme of Delegation and Standing Orders for Meetings, the recommendations in the minutes as contained in the 'C' paragraph have been referred to the Council for decision: -

    Minutes of 18 January 2022 (PDF) [59KB] - "Treasury Management Mid-Year Report 2021/22".

    (iv) Local Review Body of 26 October 2021, and 16 November 2021.

    (v) Partnerships Panel of 17 November 2021.

    (vi) Regulatory Panel - Licensing of 25 November 2021 and 20 January 2022.

    (vii) Regulatory Panel - Planning of 9 November (site visit), 11 November, 3 December (site visit) and 8 December 2021.

    (viii) Service and Performance Panel of 16 November 2021 and 11 January 2022.
  4. Revenue Estimates 2022/23, Capital Estimates 2022/23 to 2033/34, and Carbon Budget 2022/23 (PDF) [319KB] - Submit report by Head of Finance and ICT.
  5. Treasury Management and Investment Strategy 2022/23 (PDF) [584KB] - Submit report by Head of Finance and ICT (copy herewith).
  6. Housing Revenue Account (HRA) - Revenue Budget 2022/23 and Capital Budget 2022/23 to 2026/27 (PDF) [121KB] - Submit report by Assistant Director - Place and Head of Finance and ICT (copy herewith).
  7. Living Wage (PDF) [164KB] - Submit report by Head of Legal, HR and Regulatory Services (copy herewith).
  8. Rationalisation of Pay Cycles (PDF) [92KB] - Submit report by Head of Legal, HR and Regulatory Services (copy herewith).
  9. Notice of Motion

    9.1 Proposed by Councillor McGinley and Seconded by Councillor Dettbarn - Young Persons' (Under 22s) Free Bus Travel

    'In light of the recent announcement by the Scottish Government to create a free bus access scheme for under 22s, officers from Health and Social Care are requested to investigate ways in which this scheme, or a complimentary initiative, could be established to increase the eligibility age to 30 years for care experienced people in South Ayrshire and to bring back a report to Council after the recess.'

    9.2 Proposed by Councillor Chris Cullen and Seconded by Councillor Peter Henderson - Community Food Pantries.

    'The impact of Covid has further enhanced food insecurity. Pantries enhance communities and are a preventative approach to food poverty, reducing the risk of household hunger.

    Recognising this I ask that Council notes the support provided this year by the Council to the local Food Network in South Ayrshire and asks officers to bring back a report to the Leadership Panel after recess with proposals on the support Council could continue to provide to the local Food Network.'

    9.3 Proposed by Councillor Dettbarn and Seconded by Councillor Grant - South Ayrshire Fair Pay Agenda

    'UNISON South Ayrshire has welcomed the progress recently made by South Ayrshire Council through the joint work on the consolidation of the Living Wage. They appreciate that this work has made South Ayrshire Council a more attractive employer with an entry level salary of 3 spinal points above the Scottish Living Wage and have praised our foresight and commitment to this issue.

    UNISON South Ayrshire, Council Officers and Elected Members are united in their praise and recognition of the outstanding work of our frontline employees during the Covid 19 pandemic. Council wishes to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to the fair pay agenda in South Ayrshire and to continue to reflect our recognition of the dedication and service shown by frontline staff by.

    Requesting Officers to work with the Trade Unions to develop proposals aimed at paying the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) registration fees where it is recognised that this expense may be a barrier to recruitment and/or retention of Social Services employees; and to request a report to the Leadership Panel on the outcome of this work by June 2022.
  10. Formal Questions.
  11. Inclusive Investment Opportunity - Update - Submit report by Director - Place (Item Deferred to Special South Ayrshire Council Meeting on 10 March 2022)


Meeting Papers

Combined File of Sp SAC 030322 (PDF) [1MB]

Meeting recording

The recording of this meeting can be viewed on our Webcasting channel.


Minutes of 3 March 2022 including budget (PDF) [2MB]