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Matchmaker scheme

View the empty homes currently offered for sale through the Empty Homes Matchmaker Scheme

What is the Matchmaker Scheme?

The matchmaker scheme aims to introduce empty home owners who are looking to sell their property with people who are looking to purchase an empty property.

This scheme can be used whether the property requires some form of repair work or the property is in a condition that is ready to move in.

What are the benefits of the scheme?

For owners of empty properties, the Matchmaker scheme offers a number of clear benefits;

  • Free inclusion: It is free to put the details of your property on the Matchmaker website, where it will be listed for an indefinite period of time until the property is brought back into use.
  • More exposure: The scheme increases the amount of exposure your property receives by highlighting it to visitors of South Ayrshire Council's Empty Homes webpage.
  • Targeted marketing: The empty property will be seen by buyers who are specifically looking to acquire an empty home and who would often be willing to carry out renovation works.
  • Non-exclusive: The property can remain for sale with an estate agent and the sale can continue though this agent if a 'match' is made via the scheme.

The Matchmaker scheme also provides a number of benefits for buyers:

  • Free inclusion: It is free to put your details on the Matchmaker website, allowing us to match you to suitable properties and owners.
  • Investment opportunities: An empty home needing some renovation can provide an opportunity to buy at a more affordable price, increasing the possibility of making a profit through either renting the property out or selling it on at a later time.
  • Vacant possession: An empty home gives the buyer the advantage of vacant possession.
  • Additional sellers, additional properties: Potential buyers can have their details passed on to sellers who they otherwise would have struggled to contact, potentially allowing access to properties not listed through commercial websites or estate agents. Additionally, if you are also interested in being notified of empty properties in other local authority areas, you can notify us of this on the Buyers' Application, and we will pass your details onto that authority's empty homes Matchmaker Scheme.

How do I get added to the scheme?

Complete the application form below and return it to the Empty Homes Officer.

If you are selling a property we would also suggest that you include a picture of your empty property as this will encourage interest from a wider range of potential buyers.

View the empty homes currently offered for sale through the Empty Homes Matchmaker Scheme.