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Most children these days own a bicycle and increasingly adults are taking up cycling for health or other environmental reasons. The government is promoting cycling and is investing money in the infrastructure to enable more people to take up cycling.

The value of cycle training should not only be seen as a scheme to reduce the number of young cyclists killed or injured on the roads but as laying a foundation for future road usage as a driver.

Education / Training

The Road Safety staff co-ordinates cycle training in primary schools in South Ayrshire and children and young people in Scotland are provided with this training through Cycling Scotland's Bikeability Scotland scheme. The scheme provides three levels of training, the content of which is briefly outlined below:

  • Level 1: Level 1 teaches children the basic skills of riding a bike, such as balance, control and making turns. It is usually delivered to children in Primary 5, and takes place in the playground.
  • Level 2: Level 2 teaches children how to ride a bike safely on the road and navigate basic junctions. It is usually delivered to children in Primary 6 and 7 and takes place on quiet roads.
  • Level 3: Level 3 teaches children how to navigate more complex junctions and plan journeys effectively. It is aimed at Primary 7 pupils and supports them to make independent journeys and plan the quietest and safest route available. Level 3 training is delivered on road, on a route that has been risk assessed by a qualified cycle trainer.

Bikeability Scotland training is provided at schools by accredited Cycle Training Assistants, made up of school staff and volunteers.

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