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Air quality live data

Air Quality in South Ayrshire has historically been good and all the National Air Quality Objectives have been met.

When Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and volatile organic compounds VOCs) react in the presence of sunlight, they form photochemical smog, a significant form of air pollution, especially in the summer. Children, people with lung diseases such as asthma, and people who work or exercise outside are susceptible to adverse effects of smog such as damage to lung tissue and reduction in lung function.

Particles, alternatively referred to as particulate matter (PM) or fine particles, are tiny particles of solid or liquid suspended in a gas. Sources of particulate matter can be man made or natural. Some particulates occur naturally, originating from volcanoes, dust storms, forest and grassland fires, living vegetation, and sea spray. However the most common source of man-made particles is from the burning of fossil fuels. (In particular at a local level from road traffic)

Further information is available on air quality at the following site: