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Dos and don'ts

Where should I walk my dog?

You can walk your dog in most places, but some are more appropriate than others. For example, pavements, open grassed areas, towpaths are all good places to walk your dog provided you keep control of it and immediately pick up all fouling and dispose of it responsibly.

The following 'can't' and 'shouldn't' sections do not apply to guide and other assistance dogs.

Where can't I walk my dog?

In general, you can't walk your dog:

  • in school playgrounds or school sports pitches;
  • on golf greens;
  • on sports pitches when they are in use;
  • within areas or attractions that charge an entry fee;
  • near farm animals (especially young animals and during spring); or
  • across fields where fruit and vegetables are being grown, unless there is a designated path.

Where shouldn't I walk my dog?

There are some places where dogs are allowed, but it may be inappropriate to walk there. Please ensure you respect fellow residents and visitors when walking your dog in South Ayrshire.

Respect our loved ones

You are allowed to walk your dog in cemeteries as long as the dog is under close control and any dog mess is picked up and disposed of responsibly. However, it is unacceptable for dogs to urinate or foul at headstones or graves, so please keep your dog on a short lead at all times.

Please note, no dogs are allowed in Masonhill Crematorium, which is exempt from the access requirements.

Respect our children and young people

Dogs are not allowed in school grounds, including school sports pitches. In places where other people are around, particularly children, keep your dog under close control or on a short lead to help avoid alarming them. Although walking your dog is permitted in children's play parks (as long as it does not affect the enjoyment of others), we suggest these areas are avoided at all times.

Respect our sportsmen, women and children

Dogs are not allowed onto sports pitches or playing fields when these are in use. We also suggest that pitches and playing fields are avoided when walking your dog, even when not in use.

Respect our golfers

You are permitted to cross golf courses with your dog as long as it's kept under close control. However, to protect your safety and golfers' enjoyment of the game, we suggest dogs are not walked on golf courses. Both dog walkers and dogs are not permitted on the greens.

Respect our bathers and beachgoers

Dogs are allowed on our beaches, but please keep your dog on a lead when there are other people around, especially children, to help avoid alarming them.