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Dog warden

What does the Dog Warden do?

The dog warden patrols South Ayrshire for stray dogs during office hours. There is no out of hours service but in emergencies, pest control staff will attend when practicable. The dog warden has powers to lift any dog in a public area, which he believes to be a stray.

What does the Dog Warden do with the dogs?

The dogs lifted will be taken to our pound at Coyleview Kennels, Coyleview Cottage, Coylton, KA6 6HE contact number 07905 725731, where they will be kept for seven days unless reclaimed. This would involve the payment of a fine and kennelling fees of £25.00 per day. Failure to collect the dog within seven days may result in the dog being re-homed or destroyed.

I've lost my dog what should I do?

Contact Environmental Health - South Ayrshire Council ( who will be able to tell you if the dog warden has lifted your dog. We will also put your details in a register so if the Dog Warden finds your dog or someone reports finding your dog we can contact you. You should also contact the Police as they sometimes keep dogs until the Dog Warden collects them.

I've found a dog what should I do?

Contact Environmental Health - South Ayrshire Council ( and we will arrange to pick it up. Alternatively if you want to keep the dog you must inform Environmental Health of all the details. If after two months the dog has not been claimed you will become it's owner. 

If the dog is found outwith office hours you can contact Police Scotland on 101 or contact a local vet who will be able to obtain owner information from the dog's microchip.