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Food crime

The Scottish Food Crime Hotline has been set up by Food Standards Scotland to help the people of Scotland report any instances of food crime and illegal practices to protect ourselves, our families and the Scottish food and drink industry.

What is food crime?

Food crime comes in different forms and includes:

  • Fraud - food or drink that has been adulterated or substituted using poorer quality, mislabelled or dangerous ingredients
  • Illicit goods - selling a product as something it isn't such as counterfeit alcohol - fake vodka or wine
  • Identity theft - fraudulently using the identity of a legitimate food business and the movement of livestock and food using falsified documents
  • Illegal slaughter - the slaughter of farmed, wild and stolen animals in conditions which do not meet animal welfare or hygiene standards
  • Unfit food - everything from putting animal by-products back into the food chain, to meat of unknown origin, or selling goods after their 'use-by' date

Report food crime

Contact Environmental Health - South Ayrshire Council (

If you have any queries or require further information regarding food crime then please see the Food Standards Scotland website at or call call the free and anonymous Scottish food crime hotline on 0800 028 7926.

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